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Professional & Reliable

A full support team to ensure a turnkey booking and seamless experience that’ll make you look like a rockstar. 

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Expertly Hosted

All of our virtual events are led by a vetted and trained expert Avital Emcee Host. You can sit back and enjoy as your host facilitates the event.

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Innovative & Hands-On

Combat digital burnout with our unique and interactive content. Get hands-on and engage!

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Easy Payment

We’ve been working with corporate organizers since 2011 so we know the ins and outs of split payments, POs, and all that jazz.


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No Forced Fun

Sharing food and drink is the ultimate way to connect, even if it’s through a screen! Our experiences create an authentic setting designed to connect groups.

Our Virtual Events Featured In

“You were GREAT to work with. My team has a high bar for these virtual events, and you overachieved. ”


Dan G.
Manager at Google, 8 Guests, Virtual Tongue Twister Tasting

“This was a total treat.”

Steve M.
Vice President of Private Equity Firm, 16 Guests Virtual Mixologist

“Efficiently organized. Superbly executed. Avital makes the online experience feel very human.”

Mark O.
CFO at Cica Inc., 13 Guests, Virtual Mixologist

What Are Virtual Entertainment Events? 

Virtual events are digital gatherings that offer engaging and immersive experiences to participants through online platforms. These events can encompass a wide range of activities, from virtual concerts and live-streamed performances to virtual conferences and online cocktail classes. Participants can join from the comfort of their homes, connecting with a global audience and enjoying the entertainment on various devices. Virtual entertainment events have gained popularity due to their accessibility, allowing people to transcend geographical boundaries and time zones. 

Avital’s Virtual Events are live, interactive culinary experiences. Discover something new and deepen human connection as you engage with Award-Winning culinary experts. With turnkey booking, international delivery options, and an Avital Emcee Host facilitating, planning the perfect experience couldn’t be easier.

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