Top 6 Virtual Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love 

April 13, 2020

Human connection and collaboration is more important than ever before. With so many teams working remotely, there are new virtual team building experiences popping up everywhere. But not all experiences are created equal. Here are our top picks for virtual team building activities that your team will love. 

Remote Culinary Team Building 

man holding car during virtual team building

Avital Tours has released a new virtual team building experience with their signature story-driven, food-focused approach, but brought to life in the digital world. These thematic sessions are led by a culinary host via live, interactive video chat. The host begins with quirky food icebreakers, tells powerful stories of food and culture, and leads the remote team through fun, culinary games. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with colleagues during an interactive lunch break.


woman on computer during virtual team building

The Go Game’s virtual conference games are a great introduction to virtual team building. These experiences focus on interactive games through their custom interface. The host leads the team through games like pub trivia or pictionary with music and funny commentary along the way. Team members are able to vote and interact, making the games especially engaging. 

The Virtual Mixologist 

person holding cocktail during virtual team building

If you’re missing happy hour with your colleagues, this virtual mixology experience is the perfect substitution. The Virtual Mixologist is led by an expert bartender as they teach you about cocktail balance and mixology techniques. Make a drink along with the bartender with games, stories, and conversation along the way. You can even add an optional ingredient boxthe box shows up at your door with everything you’ll need to mix your cocktail alongside the experts.

Wild SF 

woman on computer during virtual team building

Wild SF’s virtual team building experience is perfect for teams looking for a San Francisco-specific experience. With unique SF stories, fun photo filters, and body stretches, everyone on your team will find it enjoyable. this experience will appeal to your whole team. There’s even a team photoshoot at the end that’s sent to everyone as a souvenir after the experience. 

Museum Hack 

group video screenshot during virtual team building

Learn from Museum Hack’s expert storytellers as they guide you through their craft. You and your team will learn the elements of a great story, with real world examples and games to make learning fun. Each team member gets the opportunity to practice their own story, with helpful feedback and laughs along the way. Because now is the perfect time to learn a new skill, like storytelling! 

The Chefinar 

chef chopping vegetables during virtual team building

Going out to dinner is one of the best activities to connect with colleagues. And since that’s not an option right now, Virtual Chefinars are the next best thing! The Virtual Chefinar highlights an expert chef as they walk you and your team through a special recipe. Cook along with the chef, or sit back and enjoy the process. And guests are encouraged to ask questions, with stories, tips, and games sprinkled along the way. At the end, you’ll have a tasty dish to enjoy with your colleagues virtually.

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