Ultimate Guide to

Private Dining

Whether you’re booking a private dining event for work or play, this ultimate guide answers all your questions with resources, links, and more. 

What is Private Dining? 

Private dining refers to an exclusive dining experience that takes place in a separate and often specially designed private dining space, away from the main area of a restaurant. It offers groups a more intimate and personalized environment to enjoy their meal, whether it’s a social gathering, a business meeting, or a special celebration. These private dinner parties allows guests to enjoy their food and engage in conversations without the distractions of a busy restaurant. Most of the time, your private dining event space will be equipped with distinct décor, audio visual facilities, and tailored menus, enhancing the overall experience.

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Private Dining Use Cases

men eating prize money during private dining team building

Team Building Private Dining

A great way to gather your team together for food and fun.

clients toasting champagne during client entertainment private dining event

Client Entertainment Private Dining

Treat your clients to a private room event that will keep them entertained and you top of mind.

women sitting at restaurant table during nyc birthday party food tour

Private Dining Birthday Party

Celebrate your birthday was a special event just for you and your loved ones.

Private Dining Considerations

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Consider your budget carefully to ensure that the cost of the private dining room aligns with your financial plan for the event.

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Group Size

Understand the capacity of the private dining room to ensure it comfortably accommodates your group size without necessitating a costly buyout for larger parties.

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Cuisine & Dietary Restrictions

Confirm that the restaurant offers a cuisine type that suits your preferences and inquire about their ability to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences among your guests. Psst! Avital accommodates all dietary restrictions!

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Evaluate the location of the private dining room in relation to the convenience and accessibility for your guests, considering factors such as parking availability and proximity to transportation hubs.

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Reputation & Quality

Research the restaurant's reputation for both the quality of its food and the excellence of its service to ensure a memorable dining experience for your event.

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Professionalism & Responsiveness

Assess the responsiveness of the private dining room manager or coordinator, as effective communication and prompt assistance are essential for a smooth booking process and successful event execution.

How to Find a Private Dining Room

Here are a few of our favorite ways to find private dining rooms, if you’re more of the DIY-type. But of course, you can also start your booking with Avital, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting to find the perfect dining room for your event.

Private Dining Room Directories

Explore comprehensive directories which offer a wide selection of private dining options based on location, capacity, and amenities.

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Blog Round Ups

Discover curated lists and recommendations in blog roundups for private dining experiences and offering insights and suggestions for various preferences and occasions.

View Avital’s roundup up the best restaurants with private dining rooms >

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Explore culinary publications and others for articles and reviews featuring top private dining venues and trends in the private dining industry.

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Restaurant Websites

Visit the “Private Dining” or “Private Events” pages on restaurant websites to explore options directly from establishments you’re interested in. For example, if you’re considering a specific restaurant, check their website for private dining offerings.


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Private Dining Associations

Connect with private dining associations for additional resources, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive venues and events in the private dining sphere.

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How to Book a Private Dining Room

Booking a private dining room usually requires some back-and-forth with the restaurant’s private dining manager to clarify details, finalize the menu, and more.

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1. Submit Inquiry on Restaurant Websites

Visit the individual restaurant websites and submit an inquiry to check availability for your desired date and group size.

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2. Fill Out Forms

Fill out up to 10 forms on restaurant websites to receive information back regarding availability and other details about private dining options.

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3. Receive Email from PDR Manager

Expect an email back from the Private Dining Room (PDR) manager with information such as availability, room capacity, venue packet, menu options, and details about minimum spend and fees.

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4. Ask Venue-Specific Questions

Take the opportunity to ask any venue-specific questions you may have regarding the private dining experience, such as customization options, audiovisual capabilities, or special accommodations.

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5. Book, Pay Deposit, and Sign Contract

Once satisfied, proceed to book the private dining room by paying a deposit and signing a contract. Ensure to review cancellation terms and any extra fees before finalizing the booking.

If you book with Avital we’ll find you the perfect venue for your group from among our restaurant partner network – saves you time and headache! 

Private Dining Pricing

Private dining pricing can vary significantly based on several factors including the venue’s location, the size of the group, menu choices, and additional services or amenities provided. Generally, pricing structures include a combination of a minimum spend requirement, per-person costs, and potential rental fees for the space. It’s essential to understand these components and any additional charges, such as service fees or cancellation policies, to effectively budget for your private dining experience.

With Avital private dining experiences, everything is built into a simple, per-person cost so you don’t have to worry about surprise charges. 

Private Dining Industry

The private dining industry offers tailored, exclusive dining experiences for events such as corporate meetings and celebrations. It caters to the demand for personalized service, unique menus, and exclusive settings, ensuring a memorable experience. This sector continues to evolve, but there are still some major issues within the private dining industry, including:

  • Lack of transparent pricing
  • No realtime availability
  • Un-engaging for guests
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But We’re Here To Help

Avital is Revolutionizing the Private Dining Industry

We understand the challenges faced by organizers so we decided to revolutionize the private dining industry. Our Interactive Meals addressed key pain points that event organizers encounter by offering:

  • Easy, transparent pricing
  • Curated, award-winning restaurant partners
  • Hosted, hands-on activities throughout the event

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Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms

Still hungry for more? Browse some of our most popular roundups of restaurants with private dining rooms.

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Free (Awesome) Resource

Private Dining Room Database

We’ve done the research for you and compiled a database of over 101 private dining rooms, complete with per person pricing, capacity, and restaurants’ private dining brochures. It’s the ultimate, time-saving guide for booking private dining rooms.

Private Dining FAQs

Final Thoughts on Private Dining

Whether you’re booking a high-end private steakhouse dining experience or an intimate private dining for 2, there are private dining options for every group. You can book an event yourself with the help of this guide or, to make it easier, you can book a private dining experience with Avital. Either way, bon appetite and happy dining!

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