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Professional & Reliable

A full support team to ensure a turnkey booking and seamless experience that’ll make you look like a rockstar. 

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Expertly Hosted

All of our NYC food tours and dining experiences are led by a vetted and trained expert Avital Host or Guide. You can sit back and enjoy as your host takes care of all the logistics.

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VIP Experience

No waiting in lines and each course is served seated at a reserved table. Tours can be an intimate, small-group experience yet still have that same VIP feeling for large groups. 

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Dietary Restriction Friendly

We understand dietary restrictions and want everyone to leave feeling cared for and full! We’ll ask for your restrictions after booking.

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Taste The Best

Instead of visiting a whole bunch of average places with tiny toothpick bites, we visit 3-4 incredible NYC restaurants that not only serve stellar food and drinks, but are passionate about storytelling and the guest experience.

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“Avital made me look like a rockstar in front of the team.”

Avital made me look like a rockstar in front of the team. We had a wonderful time, and it was the perfect end to our time together in NYC. I can’t thank them enough.


Derek H.
Sr Director at ABM, 12 Guests, East Village Food Tour

The guide is knowledgeable, the plates are intentional, and the vibes are phenomenal.

The guide is knowledgeable, the plates are intentional, and the vibes are phenomenal. Couldn’t recommended this more!!! Even with my allergies/dietary restrictions, I couldn’t have asked for a better tasting through Flatiron!

Ivan N. via Google
Flatiron Food Tour

“Every guest felt special, the food was delicious and the guides were great.”

I celebrated my 30th birthday with Avital, it was AMAZING. Every guest felt special, the food was delicious and the guides were great. I highly recommend the experience and will book more tours!

Andrea M. via Google
Flatiron Food Tour

In Good Company

Ultimate Guide 

NYC Food Tours

New York City is a melting pot of cultures, and its culinary scene is a vibrant reflection of this diversity. From street food to Michelin-starred restaurants, NYC has something for every palate. One of the best ways to explore this culinary landscape is through food tours. But, are NYC food tours worth it? What is the best food tour in NYC? Let’s dive into the delicious world of NYC food tours and find out!

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What Are NYC Food Tours? 

NYC food tours are guided experiences that take you through various neighborhoods of New York City, sampling different types of food along the way. These tours can range from walking food tours in iconic neighborhoods like Greenwich Village and the East Village, to specialized tours like a pizza food tour or a Michelin food tour. Participants get to enjoy curated tastings while learning about the history and culture behind the dishes and the neighborhoods they are exploring.

Avital’s Food Tours are prix fixe, progressive meals with appetizers, entree, dessert, and drinks, each served seated at a different restaurant. Our NYC Walking Food Tours focus on quality over quantity. But we promise, you won’t leave hungry! Our goal is  for you to enjoy the highest quality ingredients – small plates with huge flavor and rich stories. We strive to shift your perspective and create a sense of connection with the neighborhood, its history, and the people.

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Top NYC Food Tour Locations

New York Food Tours by Neighborhood

Here are some of the best neighborhoods for food tours in NYC. For a detailed guide on the best food tours, visit our resources for the ultimate guide to best NYC food tours.

brooklyn neighborhood nyc

Brooklyn Food Tours

chelsea neighborhood nyc

Chelsea Food Tour NYC

chelsea market nyc

Chelsea Market Food Tour

greenwich village neighborhood nyc

Greenwich Village Food Tour

lower east side neighborhood nyc

Lower East Side Food Tour

Manhattan neighborhood nyc

Manhattan Food Tour

queens neighborhood nyc

Queens Food Tour

Types of Food Tours NYC

There are several types of food tours in NYC to choose from:

  • Walking Food Tours NYC: These tours allow you to explore neighborhoods on foot, making stops at various eateries. Popular areas for walking tours include the Greenwich Village food tour, East Village food tour, and Flatiron food tour. Learn more about our walking food tours.
  • Michelin Food Tour NYC: Experience the finest dining with exclusive tours featuring Michelin-starred restaurants. Check out our Michelin food tour.
  • Pizza Food Tour NYC: Discover the best pizza spots in NYC and learn about the history and culture of New York pizza.
  • Donut Tour: Sink your teeth into the best, most luscious donuts in NYC. These tours are normally in the morning leaving the rest of the day to explore.
  • Speakeasy Food Tour: Go underground with a local guide as you discover the secret speakeasys nestled in throughout the city.
  • Movie or TV-Themed Food Tour: With so many movies and series taking place in the city, you can find several TV themed food tours in NYC, like Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, and Seinfeld. 

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More Dining Experiences in NYC

Beyond traditional food tours, there are other exciting food experiences in NYC:

  • Food Tasting NYC: This experience typically involves visiting one location where you can sample a curated selection of dishes or beverages, often designed to highlight a particular cuisine, theme, or chef’s creations.
  • Self-Guided Food Tour NYC: A self-guided food tour allows you to explore various eateries and food stops at your own pace. You receive a list or map of recommended spots and can enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own route and timing. View our complimentary self-guided food tours.
  • Food Crawl NYC: Similar to a pub crawl, a food crawl involves moving from one restaurant or food vendor to another, sampling a different dish or specialty at each stop. It’s often organized by neighborhood, offering a diverse tasting experience within a concentrated area.
  • Foodie Tours NYC: These are guided tours led by a knowledgeable guide who takes you to multiple food spots, providing insights into the dishes, history, and culture of the areas visited. Foodie tours offer a more structured and informative experience, perfect for those who want to learn while they eat. Explore our foodie-approved NYC food tours.

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Why Take an NYC Food Tour?

Taking a food tour in NYC offers numerous (yumerous, is that word?) benefits.

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Unique Experiences

Gain insider knowledge from expert guides who know the city's culinary secrets.

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Diverse Cuisines

Try a variety of foods from different cultures in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

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Local Insights

Discover hidden gems and local favorites that you might miss on your own.

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Fun and Educational

Enjoy a fun, engaging experience while learning about the history and culture of NYC's neighborhoods.

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Easy Planning

All you need to do is show up! Your food tour company has done all of the work for you to ensure you taste and experience the best of NYC.

Companies with Best Food Tours New York

Exploring a city’s culinary scene is a must, and choosing the right company can elevate your food tours in NYC:

  • Avital Food & Drink Experiences: At Avital, our expertly guided tours dive deep into NYC’s vibrant food culture, offering curated, high-quality experiences beyond mere tastings.
  • Secret Food Tours NYC: Secret Food Tours NYC offers popular tours but often misses the city’s hidden culinary gems.
  • Ahoy New York Food Tours: Ahoy New York Food Tours focus on Little Italy and Chinatown but can be limited in scope.
  • Nice Guy Tours: Nice Guy Tours provides friendly tours in popular neighborhoods but may lack variety for seasoned foodies.
  • Foods of NY Tours: Foods of NY Tours cater to larger groups, which can sometimes detract from a personalized experience.

For the best of NYC’s food scene, choose Avital Food & Drink Experiences for a uniquely curated and unforgettable gastronomic adventure!

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NYC Food Tour Resources

dumpling tour image

Flushing’s Chinatown Dumpling Tour

Get the list of Avital’s favorite dumpling spots in Flushing, New York City. Download our complimentary self-guided dumpling tour now.

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