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Fun, interactive experiences to turn regular client events into lasting memories that. Our NYC client entertainment events are designed to impress a VIP, show loyal clients your appreciation, and keep you top of mind.Β 

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NYC Client Entertainment Events & Corporate Gifts

Why Choose Avital to Entertain Your NYC Clients?

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Professional & Reliable

A full support team to ensure an easy booking for you and a seamless experience for your client.


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Expertly Hosted

All of our NYC client entertainment experiences include a vetted and trained Avital Host or Guide to facilitate  so you can connect with your client instead of worrying about the event logistics.

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Interactive & Hands-On

Instead of a standard dinner, create lasting memories with your client as you get hands-on and interact with cocktail-making, flavor tripping, food and drink trivia, and more.

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Easy Payment

We’ve been working with corporate groups since 2011 so we know the ins and outs of split payments, POs, and all that jazz.


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No Forced Fun

Sharing food and drink is the ultimate way to connect. Our experiences create an authentic setting designed to connect with clients in New York City.

NYC Client Entertainment Events Featured In

β€œYou were amazing and made me want to use Avital for every event.”

All I can say is you were amazing and made me want to use Avital for every event. I always feel like I have to run everything and in this case….just sat back and enjoyed the ride. What a talent you have. Already wrote people saying we need to book this event for other groups. Thank you for making our day.


Kathleen O.
APB at Google, 59 Guests

β€œTruly kept the attendees engaged the entire time.”

Thank you for creating such a phenomenal event for our sales reps!! The event was so creative and truly kept the attendees engaged the entire time. I cannot wait to do more!

Trish B.
Head of Field Marketing, 26 Guests

β€œWe had so much great feedback from our partners, customers and internal folks.”

We had so much great feedback from our partners, customers and internal folks. The customized web page you created with all of the mixologist bio, instructions, and ingredients was a nice touch. I have so many groups reaching out to share best practices on the event so don’t be surprised if you get a lot of inquires.Β 

Vina E.
Organizer for AutoDesk, 190 Guests

What Are NYC Client Entertainment Events?

Client entertainment in NYC is when you invite your client or prospect out for an activity in order to strengthen your relationship. The event can vary based on the client’s interests, but typically falls into the food and entertainment category. Conversation during the event touches on both personal and professional topics.

When it comes to building relationships with your NYC client, there are many client appreciation gifts and events to choose from. We believe sharing food and drink is the ultimate way to connect in an authentic, inclusive, and fun way.

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