A Celebration to Remember

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas & Experience Gifts

Instead of fighting for the bartender’s attention at a busy club, book a virtual birthday party or order an experience gift to celebrate your big day!

Best Virtual Birthday Parties & Experience Gifts

Why Choose Avital for Your SF Birthday Celebration?

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Professional & Reliable

Birthdays can come with a long to-do list. Start your booking and leave the rest to us. Because you’ve got more important things to worry about, like what to wear!

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Expertly Hosted

All of our virtual birthday events include a vetted and trained Avital Guide to facilitate so you can celebrate with your friends and family instead of worrying about the event logistics.

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Interactive & Hands-On

Combat digital burnout with our unique and interactive content. Get hands-on and engage with your family and friends!

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Innovative & Different

Instead of the standard dinner and drinks, our virtual experiences provide unique and flexible ways to get everyone together.

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Special Birthday Touches

We love birthdays and will include celebratory touches, like a custom welcome slide to kick off the experience in a special way.

What Are Virtual Birthday Parties?

A virtual birthday party is a celebration that takes place entirely online, bringing together friends and family from different locations to commemorate someone’s special day. Using video conferencing platforms or social media live streams, participants can interact and connect in real-time, virtually sharing the joy of the birthday person’s milestone. These virtual gatherings often include elements of a traditional birthday party, such as singing “Happy Birthday,” sharing virtual cocktails, exchanging gifts, and playing interactive online games. 

Virtual experience gifts refer to thoughtful and interactive presents that can be enjoyed remotely. Instead of traditional physical gifts, these experiential gifts are designed to create memorable and engaging moments for the birthday celebrant. Examples of virtual experience gifts could include unique virtual flavor kits delivered, personalized video messages from favorite celebrities or artists, or even virtual reality experiences.

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