Virtual Water Tasting

Discover how different waters have terroir by tasting waters from around the world — from glacier melt in Norway to salty sparkling spring water from Spain!

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Experience Water in a Whole New Way

Join a Certified Water Sommelier and an Avital Emcee Host for a guided virtual water tasting (think wine tasting but with water!) Waters Tasting Kits are delivered in 5 premium glass bottles from around the world with food pairings included. Discover how different water can taste by sampling the world’s most premium H2Os.

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8+ Guests
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From $100 Per Person
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1 Hour
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Water Kits Delivered
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Taste 5 Premium Waters with Food Pairings
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Private Experience

“It was AMAZING!”

My team recently did a water tasting with Avital. It was AMAZING! We tasted different waters from all over the world. We learned so much about what makes water taste great. We will never think about water the same way again.


Genentech, 12 Guests, Virtual Water Tasting

What’s Included

Our virtual water tasting is an all-inclusive experience with kits delivered, plus a 1-hour live event hosted by an expert Avital Emcee Host and Certified Water Sommelier.

Water Kit
five 750ml glass water bottles in the water tasting kit
  • 5 Premium Waters in 750ml Glass Bottles, including 3 Still Waters and 2 Sparkling Waters
  • 2 Food Pairings, including Dark Chocolate and Charcuterie
  • 1 Water Test Strip
1-Hour Live Event
  • Certified Water Sommelier
  • Avital Emcee Host
  • Guided Water Tasting with Food Pairings
  • Hands-On Tap Water Experiment
  • Sommelier Q&A

Run of Show

avital host toasting with gust during virtual event
1: Guests Get Settled

Guests log on and are welcomed by Avital Emcee Host and slide branded with your company’s logo and a reminder list of what to prepare.

pouring water into wine glass on a virtual water tasting
2: Introductions (10 mins)

The experience begins! Your Avital Emcee Host will welcome guests and provide an overview of what’s to come. They will also introduce your Certified Water Sommelier!

man setting up water glasses for water tasting
3: Set Up Waters (5 mins)

Host passes off to the Sommelier for setup, tools, and how to open bottles.

4: Water Tasting Technique (5 mins)

Learn the proper way to taste water and debunk the myth the water doesn’t have taste!

pouring vichy catalan into water glass during virtual water tasting
5: Guided Water Tasting (25 mins)

Your Sommelier will lead you through the 5 waters based on TDS levels. Guests ask questions, engage, and interact throughout.

man holding salami for water pairing
6: Sample Food Pairings (5-10 mins)

Break open the delicious snacks (delivered in your kit!) and discover how the pairings impact the waters’ flavor.

man doing experiment during virtual entertainment event
7: Test your Tap Water (5-10 mins)

Your Sommelier will lead guests through a fun and informative tap water experiment. See where your water fits in the lineup!

talking to a water sommelier on the computer during a virtual water tasting
8: Sommelier Q&A and Wrap Up (5-10 mins)

Chat about the group’s reaction to the water, plus any final questions for your Sommelier.

The Essentials

Lead Time

10 business day lead time for water tasting kit delivery. 7 business day lead time for RUSH delivery. 

Global Shipping

Shipping deadlines are an additional 5 business days longer. No rush shipping options for destinations outside of the U.S.


Water Tastings are hosted on Zoom or the video conference of your choice. We can host on your Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Amazon Chime and more!

Run Time

60 minutes


7 days a week with start times 9am ET to 9pm PT.


8 ticket minimum for groups with water kit delivery. 

Group Size

We can accommodate any group size! For large group options, view our Bespoke Experiences page.

Dietary Restrictions

In addition to being totally unique and memorable, our Virtual Water Tasting is great for all dietary restrictions making it one of the most inclusive (and healthy) virtual experiences you can do. Everyone drinks water so everyone can participate in this classy, unique event.

Why Book a Virtual Water Tasting with Avital?

  • Inclusive & Healthy Experience: Inclusive for all dietary restrictions and preferences making it a great fit for all groups. Plus a healthy alternative to cocktails or happy hours!
  • Unique & Memorable: Combat digital burnout with this novel experience that will delight and surprise. 
  • Global Shipping: Connect your team, clients, or groups across the globe with kits delivered worldwide. 
  • Easy Payment: We’ve been working with corporate groups since 2011 so we know the ins and outs of split payments, POs, and more. 
  • Experienced Team: A full support team to ensure turnkey booking to a seamless experience that’ll make you look like a rockstar. 
  • Expertly Hosted: Each virtual water tasting includes a Certified Water Sommelier, plus a vetted and trained Avital Emcee Host to facilitate the experience so you can sit back and enjoy!

What Is Virtual Water Tasting?

Virtual water tasting is a unique sensory experience that allows participants to engage in the tasting of water from different sources around the world. Guests can explore the taste, smell, and even the mouthfeel of water from various locations, ranging from pristine natural springs to urban tap water and exotic watersheds. Guests can even sample food pairings during the tasting to see how the flavors of the food and water interact. This experience not only raises awareness about the diverse qualities of water but also highlights the global importance of water conservation and responsible usage.


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