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Water Tasting Kit

Discover how different waters have terroir by tasting waters from around the world — from glacier melt in Norway to salty sparkling spring water from Spain!

Experience Water in a Whole New Way

Water Tasting Kits are delivered in 5 premium glass bottles from around the world with food pairings included. You’ll also receive a link with videos for a self-guided water tasting experience hosted by an expert Water Sommelier — a fun way to connect with friends, family, co-workers and clients in your home or office!

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5 Premium Waters From Around the World + Food Pairings
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$75 Per Kit (includes $25 shipping)
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30 Minutes (Videos are 2-5 minutes each)
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Water Tasting Kit Delivered to Your Door

What’s Included

Our water tasting kit is an all-inclusive experience with kits delivered, plus videos from a Certified Water Sommelier talking about each water.

Water Kit
five 750ml glass water bottles in the water tasting kit
  • 5 Premium Waters in 750ml Glass Bottles, including 3 Still Waters and 2 Sparkling Waters
  • 2 Food Pairings, including Dark Chocolate and Charcuterie
  • 1 Water Test Strip
  • Water Sommelier Led Videos for a Self-Guided Water Tasting

What Is a Water Tasting?

A Water Tasting Kit is a unique sensory experience that allows participants to engage in the tasting of water from different sources around the world. Guests can explore the taste, smell, and even the mouthfeel of water from various locations, ranging from pristine natural springs to urban tap water and exotic watersheds. Guests can even sample food pairings during the tasting to see how the flavors of the food and water interact. This experience not only raises awareness about the diverse qualities of water but also highlights the global importance of water conservation and responsible usage.

This is a self-guided experiences with videos provided of a Water Sommelier talking about how to taste waters, detailed information about Total Dissolves Solids and Water Tasting vocabulary, as well as detailed videos about each water in the kit and how to pair food and water. However, if you’d like a hosted experience, check our our Virtual Water Tasting or our Flavor Perception Bar!