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Food & Drink, The Ultimate Connector

Avital helps you connect people better. Since 2011, we’ve been designing thoughtfully-curated Interactive Food & Drink Experiences, including food tours, interactive meals, virtual events, and more to bring together colleagues and clients, family and friends.

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Hey, you! Yes, you, the admired organizer.

The one who plans the best events, most unique get-togethers, and funnest parties. That’s you, right? We thought so. At Avital, we help you connect people better. Since 2011, we’ve been designing thoughtfully-curated food tours, interactive meals, virtual events, and more to bring together your colleagues and clients, family and friends.

Whether you’re planning a unique team building experience, a memorable event to impress clients, or an epic birthday for your bestie, we’re here to help. As a team of passionate foodies, quirky storytellers, and professional planners, we believe food and drink is the ultimate way to connect people better.

Avital Ungar
CEO & Founder


“I realized very early the power of food to evoke memory, to bring people together, to transport you to other places, and I wanted to be a part of that.”
Chef José Andrés
World Central Kitchen
In Good Company

Our Core Values

We live and breathe our company core values. Here’s how we use them to define our experiences and strengthen our company culture.

Embrace Quirky

Peek Inside Our Fridge

As part of our hiring and vetting process, we ask prospective employees to take us on a video tour of their fridge! It allows us to see the person’s hosting abilities, plus get to know them on a more personal level based on what they like to eat! Because after all, we are what we eat.


Breathe Curiosity

Eat, Innovate, Repeat

We’re expert food and drink curators who go out to eat and call it “research.” We’re constantly on the hunt for the next cool pop up concept, most unique cocktail bar trends, and viral TikTok recipes. We’re passionate about all things food and love sharing that passion with our guests.

Improve Continuously

We’re Next Level Organized

We refuse to be stagnant in our work and strive to be better every step of the way. We work with new technologies to stay efficient and organized, like Airtable to stay on top of every last detail, AI for outlining documents, and Zapier to keep it all running smoothly.

person working on computer of mockup of place setting

Build Awesome Experiences

We’re Guinea Pigs for Our New Experiences

We’re constantly developing, testing, revising, and retesting before bringing our experiences to you. Like recipe developers, we make mistakes and try new things as we build and improve. By the time you sink your teeth into one of our experiences, it’s passed our awesomeness test. 

avital internal team during virtual holiday party

Sneak Preview From Our Lab

two men with charcuterie chalet kit
From Office Holiday Party to Productized Kit

How we took a viral TikTok trend from a fun internal office holiday party to productized kits sold across the country.

man shaking cocktail during virtual event
How I Reinvented our Company in 5 Days

What do you do when, in the course of a week, a pandemic invalidates your business model and drops revenue to $0?

hands milking goat
An Udderly Unique Way to Get Employees Into The Office

After the pandemic, companies were having a hard time getting their employees baaack into the office, so we developed a truly unique experience to entice.

Communicate Compassion

We’re Normalizing Being Human at Work

When communicating with others, we always seek to understand their context, taking into consideration the best timing and delivery for information, and demonstrating our gratitude and our empathy for their situation.

hands holding phone looking at email from avital sales team
Create Community

We Work With The Best

We pride ourselves on working with the best restaurants, partners, and hosts. We feel the best dining experiences are the ones in which we’re seated around tables sharing food and stories with others. Explore our restaurant partners, ranging from hidden gems to local favorites, all serving up incredible cuisine and rich stories.


Il fiorista nyc flatiron district restaurant interior

New York City

Il Fiorista

Seasonal, Mediterranean-influenced fare and creative cocktails showcase flowers and herbs

interior at cafe basque

Los Angeles

Cafe Basque

Basque cuisine and the essence of coastal living from Michelin star chef

west of pecos restaurant interior

San Francisco

West of Pecos

Swinging saloon doors, Santa Fe-inspired with high-quality Tex-Mex and classic cocktails

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