Discover The Best Tasting Water with Virtual Water Tasting

April 12, 2021

You drink water everyday, but have you ever really thought about how it tastes? Noticed the flavor, the mouthfeel, how it smells? 

It’s easy to think that the way water tastes isn’t all that special— in fact, the best tasting water shouldn’t taste like anything at all. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat water with as much respect as a fine wine. How? With a Virtual Water Tasting! Discovering the best tasting water can change the way you think about H2O, as you learn there’s much more to it than turning on your tap. 

Where does drinking water come from? 


Before you embark on your Virtual Water Tasting, let’s talk about the source of your drinking water. Just like a wine’s terroir, a water’s location impacts the flavor profile. If images of glassy pools surrounded by a verdant forest are coming to mind, well, you’re not wrong. However, from Spanish geysers to glaciers in Norway, water sources can vary. 

Like from a 5,000 year old glacier! 

Yup, Isbre prides itself on sourcing some of the world’s purest spring water from the Hardanger fjord in Ulvik, Norway. Since the water comes from a glacier surrounded by mountains, trees, fjords, and waterfalls, and isn’t impacted by any negative environmental factors, it means the levels of minerals, salt, and metal compounds are low. So the flavor is pure, clean, and crisp. Pretty cool when you think about drinking water from a 5,000 year old glacier! 

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention France, home of more than 200 brands of bottled waters. Surely you’ve heard of Perrier, but did you know that it comes from a naturally-carbonated spring in southern France? Although the water is purified and then carbonated once more before it makes it to your bottle, this spring isn’t some recent discovery. The Romans used it as a spa, recognizing the power of mineral water back in the early days. Just like drinking from a glacier, drinking from a spring holds more history in your bottle than you realize. In your Avital virtual water tasting, we send you waters from around the world to get the full experience. 

How do you taste water? 


Whether you’re drinking your water from the Mediterranean or Patagonia, you’ll need to understand what the best tasting water should taste like— nothing! That doesn’t mean it won’t have any flavor, as water tasting experts will tell you. Surely you’ve noticed a difference just from traveling from one city to another in a single glass of tap water! We won’t get into it, but there’s a reason why some New York bagelmakers insist on only using New York City tap water. 

So what are you tasting for? First, you should give it a smell. Odors can impact water taste because a lot of your sensory experience from eating and drinking comes from smell. Give your water a sniff, and notice if it’s fragrant, flowery, or fruity. On the opposite end of the spectrum, notice if it’s fishy, musty, or even rancid. Picking up notes of chlorine? Now you’re on your way to discovering better tasting water. 

Why virtual water tasting? 


It’s a pretty quirky event, but hey, that is our motto! While we could go on and on about finding the best tasting water, we think the best way to find out more yourself is to experience it. Five 750ml glass bottles are included in your Water Tasting Kit, and the sixth glass of water comes straight from your tap so you can compare against it. Plus, your Certified Water Sommelier will also talk about food pairings— because yes, water and food pairing is a thing, too. 

So the next time you take a sip from your glass of water, treat it like a glass of wine or at the very least like a history lesson. Behind that fancy bottled water label is a sippable story. 

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