18 Luxury Ideas to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday Virtually

February 15, 2021

Safely celebrating your 30th birthday during COVID doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious. In fact, we think that’s even more reason to treat yourself! Whether you’re ordering delivery from an upscale restaurant or splurging on a private experience with a mixologist, you can still make your 30th birthday feel special. Here are our favorite ways to add some luxury to your 30th birthday, all while keeping it safe. 

private dining pod to celebrate 30th birthday during covid
Image via Coppa Club Sonning

1. Book a private pod 

For the restaurants and other venues that are lucky enough to have the space, private pods have become a new place for customers to hang out. If you feel comfortable enough to book one of these pods or have a favorite spot nearby, this is a great way to add some luxury to a 30th birthday during covid. Some of these private outdoor pods have cute themes and decorations, making it a really unique experience. 

virtual cooking class to celebrate 30th birthday during covid
2. Hire a private chef 

Booking a private chef to walk you through making a creamy risotto or decadent paella laden with seafood is the kind of special birthday energy you want. Luxury is hard to come by during covid, but an award-winning private chef isn’t a bad option. Make it a birthday to remember with this virtual culinary experience. The only thing you need to supply is the birthday cake! 

woman getting massage to celebrate 30th birthday during covid
3. Bring a spa day to your home

It’s been a while since you’ve had a real spa day, so it’s time to bring the luxury to your home. Splurge on your favorite skincare products, grab a bottle of champagne, and start running the bath — you deserve it. Treat yourself to a day of relaxation. For extra oomph, you can even hire a masseuse to come to your house for an hour-long massage. If your 30th birthday can’t be the wild one you envisioned, then you should definitely find a reason to be a little extra. 

fancy sushi to celebrate 30th birthday during covid
Image via Omakase, San Francisco

4. Order takeout from an upscale restaurant 

That sushi bar you’ve been thinking about going to or steakhouse across town can still be your birthday meal. Just bring it home! Order all the apps, entrees, and desserts you want. Who knows when you’ll go again? Light some candles and buy some fresh flowers to bring the vibes. And don’t forget to tip well! 

two women drinking wine while celebrating 30th birthday during covid
5. Try a virtual wine tasting 

Again, there’s nothing like an expert giving you devoted attention to make you feel special. A virtual apertif hour with a professional takes you and your friends through the world of fortified wines, and then you get to craft your own! Elevate your virtual happy hour with custom vermouth, the best kind of party gift. 

hosting private concert to celebrate 30th birthday during covid
6. Throw a private concert 

Many musicians and bands are available to hire for private events, adapting to the virtual world. Recreate a night out at your favorite venue by turning the lights down low, making some cocktails, and invite your friends via Zoom to join your concert. The best part is the intimate experience of getting to hang out with the musicians, a luxurious experience not often possible. 

man making flamed cocktail to celebrate 30th birthday during covid
7. Spend some quality time with an expert bartender and cocktail kits delivered 

Instead of fighting for the bartender’s attention, hire a bartender to treat you and your friends to a special mixology class. Learn the ins and outs of making cocktails while getting the full attention of your personal mixologist. Ingredients are delivered to each guest so all you need to do is show up and drink up! Join a public session every Thursday from 6-7pm ET or book a private event!

perfume making to celebrate 30th birthday during covid
8. Design your own fragrance from home 

Create your own perfume from a kit to really mark the occasion. Give yourself something special to remember your 30th birthday with a customized fragrance. Add a dash of orange blossom, lavender, etc. and pour into a beautiful vintage bottle. You don’t have to name it “Quarantine Bouquet”, but we won’t be mad if you do. 

couple eating lemons during virtual 30th birthday party
9. Celebrate with a 3-course culinary experience

All virtually! A prix fixe virtual party brings the celebration to your home. You’ll make a delicious appetizer, tasty cocktail with a mixologist, and the prix fixe party includes a perspective-shifting flavor tripping experience. It’s the ultimate party game. Call up your friends— it’s gonna be a good time.

10. Travel to Paris with a Parisian-themed birthday party

What could be more luxurious than spend your birthday in France? Order some macarons, pour the champagne, and put on your most stylish outfit. A Parisian-themed birthday party is elegant and fun, and you don’t have to get on a plane. If you’d like, you can also spend your day with an actual Parisian in this online experience to learn the ins and outs of French culture.

11. Throw a Met Gala (for yourself)

If you’re into themed birthday parties and looking for glamour, a Met Gala party is for you. Nothing says glamour and luxury like the Met Gala! Choose a costume theme or have your friends recreate iconic looks. Don’t let a 30th birthday party during COVID keep you in sweatpants. Make Anna Wintour proud!

12. Spend the night in a hidden jazz club

This online experience brings some super talented jazz musicians straight from London to your home. These performers have been on some of the world’s most iconic stages, and they are here to croon just for you. Perhaps you’ll even get a special rendition of happy birthday!

13. Book a the backyard at a bar or restaurant

An outdoor birthday party is a great way to stay COVID safe, and celebrating at your favorite bar or restaurant makes it feel special. A whole backyard plus delicious food and drinks? Count us in.

14. Hire a Broadway star to serenade you

Another fabulous option for those who love live performances and have missed going to them! Since the pandemic, Broadway performers have taken to the virtual world to perform, and you can book your very own private performance. Dial up the luxury by making it dinner and a show by ordering takeout from a special restaurant.

15. Go Glamping

Glamour meets camping in this outdoor getaway. This site has a great database of safe glamping locations all across the country. It’s a great 30th birthday party idea during COVID for those who want to getaway.

16. Have an ice cream party, adult style

Everyone loves an ice cream party, but it’s even better with booze. Tipsy Scoop sends you kits to make the boozy cocktail of your dreams— who says you have to keep alcohol and ice cream separate! It’s your birthday, treat yourself.

17. Cruise around on a boat

Lots of smaller boat cruises offer private rides, perfect for a fancy 30th birthday party. Some even include wine and cheese tastings, or a live band! If you want to get away from the computer screen for your birthday, spend some time on the water!

18. Learn how to make the finest Italian pasta

Fresh pasta is pure luxury on a plate. For a hands-on 30th birthday party idea, make fresh pasta with a professional Italian chef. Pair it with a nice bottle of wine, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous birthday.

If you’re celebrating your 30th birthday during covid, you can still treat yourself to a luxurious experience (while staying safe!)  Whether it’s crafting a mouthwatering cocktail, cooking or a delicious dish alongside an expert chef, or pampering yourself with a massage, make your 30th a birthday you’ll never forget.