5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC

April 12, 2019

As people who love food, it’s our mission to try as many restaurants as we can. It’s an easy goal to accomplish in New York City where there are 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan alone. The list of places to try only gets longer, never shorter. Since time is precious and no one wants to waste their time eating a bad meal, we’ve put together a list of unique dining experiences in NYC.

Have a live dessert experience at Dessert Bar.

5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC-Have a live dessert experience at Dessert Bar.  If you’ve ever thought whiskey would be great in gummy bear form, you’d fit right in at Dessert Bar. Owned and masterminded by chef Rory MacDonald of Patisserie Chanson, Dessert Bar is an innovative dessert experience. The place is almost like a dessert speakeasy; you enter through Patisserie Chanson, head downstairs, and arrive in a small, sleek room. Piano sheet music hangs above the bar and adds to the speakeasy feel. Try to book a seat at the bar- you’ll get to watch your six-course dessert tasting come to life in front of you. It’s a great place to celebrate an anniversary, bring your favorite clients, or impress your mom and dad. Unique dining experiences in NYC most definitely should include dessert.

Get cozy and dine with your favorite cookbook author.

5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC- Get cozy and dine with your favorite cookbook author.

Archestratus is part cookbook/food book store, part cafe of our dreams. This lovely little shop located in Greenpoint hosts monthly events like trivia, a cookbook club, classes on how to cook various delicious things, and even a cat club. Our favorite event, however, are the dinners cooked by some of the coolest cookbook chefs out there. Enjoy your meal prepared by the author amongst rows of books, candles flickering, sipping a glass of wine…ahhh, we wish we were there now. Find a list of their events here and sign up for their newsletter so you can know when your favorite cookbook author might be stopping by.

Head to O:N for a new take on Korean jeongol.

5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC-Head to O:N for a new take on Korean jeongol.

For a lot of people, Korean BBQ alone would be a unique dining experience. Don’t worry, we can’t resist it either. But we also think that it’s time for KBBQ and bibimbap to move aside and let other amazing Korean dishes shine. At O:N, you’ll find jeongol, a kind of Korean hot pot intended to be shared. The menu features Korean flavors and contemporary cooking styles while still being comforting enough to give you a homey feel. There are vegetarian options too, something you often can’t find at KBBQ. Eating jeongol at O:N is one of those experiences you’re bound to remember, solely because you won’t find a Korean dining experience like this in many other places-outside of South Korea, of course.

Worship your beer at Burp Castle.

5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC-Worship your beer at Burp Castle.

You know that one friend you have who is like ~really into beer~? Maybe they have talked about brewing their own, knows the right glasses to use for different types of beer, or subscribes to a craft beer of the month club? Well, this is the place to bring them. Burp Castle is a monastery-themed bar specializing in beers from Belgium, Germany, and the UK. Occasionally you might find a bartender wearing monk robes, otherwise you’ll always be greeted with a great beer selection, Gregorian chants playing in the background, and some medieval art. Since the bar encourages patrons to whisper, the only headache you’ll get is from drinking too much.

Maximize your unique dining experience in NYC on a food tour.

5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC-food tour-Maximize your unique dining experience in NYC on a food tour.

Just like we said in the beginning, there are so many restaurants to try in New York City. On a food tour, you can easily knock four restaurants off your list. Three hours of a curated, progressive meal in the East Village, Flatiron, or Williamsburg, plus stories from the restaurant owners, chefs, and managers themselves. The extra special treatment definitely feels nice in a bustling restaurant scene that can sometimes feel impersonal. Whether you’re visiting or just need something to do to pass the afternoon, booking a food tour can show you the best NYC has to offer.

Interested in unique dining experiences in NYC? Book a food tour in Williamsburg,  East Village, or Flatiron for a dining experience that you’re sure to remember. Visit our website to book a public or private culinary experience.