7 Best Restaurants for Large Group Dining in NYC

May 3, 2023

Updated April 2, 2024

Planning a large group dining event in NYC can be a daunting task. From finding the perfect NYC venue to catering to the needs of everyone attending, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not, because we’ve got you covered! We’ve curated a list of the best restaurants for large group dining in NYC. Say goodbye to mediocre events and hello to a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

What is Large Group Dining in NYC?

Private dining in NYC refers to the exclusive use of a dining area within a restaurant or private event space. This type of dining experience is perfect for corporate groups as it offers privacy, personalized service, and a unique atmosphere.

NYC Large Group Dining Comparison Chart

NumberRestaurantLocationCuisineSeated CapacityStanding Capacity
1Avital Interactive MealVaries by RestaurantVaries by Restaurant100+100+
2Electric LemonChelseaVeggie-Forward72100
3Medüzā MediterraniaWest VillageMediterranean175250
4The GrillMidtownSteakhouse300600
5La MercerieSohoFrench200200
7Cafe BouludUpper East SideFrench120140

Map of NYC Large Group Dining Restaurants

Avital Food & Drink Experiences

Avital Food Tours of New York City

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Electric Lemon

Electric Lemon, Hudson Yards, New York, NY, USA

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Medüzā Mediterrania

Mēdüzā Mediterrania New York, Hudson Street, New York, NY, USA

View on Google Maps ⧉
The Grill

THE GRILL, East 52nd Street, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

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La Mercerie

La Mercerie, Howard Street, New York, NY, USA

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ilili Restaurant, 5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

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Cafe Boulud

Café Boulud, East 63rd Street, New York, NY, USA

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7 Best Restaurants for Large Group Dining in NYC

1. Avital’s Interactive Meal

Avital’s Interactive Meal is a unique and interactive dining experience perfect for large groups. This experience allows attendees to participate in hands-on cocktail making, plus fun trivia, and flavor surprises, all layered on a seated 4-course meal with beverage pairings. The venue location changes based on group size and goals, making it flexible for any group size.

location icon
fork and knife icon
group size icon
100+ Seated, 100+ Standing

Image Credit: electriclemonnyc.com

2. Electric Lemon

Nestled within the Equinox Hotel, Electric Lemon offers stunning views of Manhattan’s skyline. Its modern and chic ambiance, combined with a diverse menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, makes it an ideal choice for a stylish and memorable large group dining experience.

location icon
fork and knife icon
group size icon
72 Seated, 100 Standing

Image Credit: meduza33.com

3. Medüzā Mediterrania

Medüzā Mediterrania stands out with its vibrant Mediterranean flavors and a spacious, beautifully decorated setting. The restaurant’s shareable small plates and family-style dishes create a communal dining experience, perfect for bringing people together in a lively and convivial atmosphere.

location icon
West Village
fork and knife icon
group size icon
175 Seated, 250 Standing

Image Credit: thegrillnewyork.com

4. The Grill

Located in the iconic Seagram Building, The Grill exudes timeless elegance. Renowned for its classic American cuisine and sophisticated ambiance, the restaurant offers private dining spaces that can accommodate large groups. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a refined setting with impeccable service.

location icon
fork and knife icon
group size icon
300 Seated, 600 Standing

Image Credit: lamercerieny.com

5. La Mercerie

La Mercerie, with its French-inspired design and warm atmosphere, provides a charming backdrop for large gatherings. Known for its artisanal pastries and a menu featuring French classics, the restaurant’s inviting space and customizable dining options make it well-suited for group celebrations and events.

location icon
fork and knife icon
group size icon
200 Seated, 200 Standing

Image Credit: ililirestaurants.com

6. Ilili

Ilili offers a contemporary take on Lebanese cuisine in a spacious and stylish setting. With a menu designed for sharing, featuring a variety of mezze and grilled specialties, the restaurant provides a convivial atmosphere for large groups. The accommodating staff and vibrant ambiance make Ilili an excellent choice for group dining experiences.

location icon
fork and knife icon
group size icon
150 Seated, 240 Standing

Image Credit: cafeboulud.com

7. Cafe Boulud

Cafe Boulud, located on the Upper East Side, is known for its refined French cuisine. The restaurant’s elegant and cozy atmosphere, along with private dining options, makes it suitable for hosting large groups seeking a sophisticated and intimate setting. The diverse menu offers options for various tastes and preferences, ensuring a delightful dining experience for everyone.

location icon
Upper East Side
fork and knife icon
group size icon
120 Seated, 140 Standing

Large Group Dining in NYC Considerations 

Booking a private dining experience designed for large groups is essential for a successful event. From tailored menus to AV equipment or conference facilities, large events have specific requirements to make them perfect for team building and client entertainment. When booking a private dining experience for a corporate group, there are a few things to consider to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

  1. Capacity and Layout: Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your group size and has a layout conducive to socializing.
  2. Private Space and Ambiance: Choose a venue with a private or semi-private space that aligns with the desired atmosphere for your event.
  3. Cuisine and Menu Options: Confirm the venue offers a diverse menu to cater to various dietary preferences and can customize it based on your group’s needs.
  4. Service and Staff: Check the level of service provided by the venue’s staff, including waitstaff and support staff, as their professionalism can significantly impact the experience. (Tip: Avital’s Interactive Meal includes a dedicated, expertly trained Emcee Host(s) so you can sit back and enjoy the experience instead of worrying about the logistics.)
  5. Cost and Payment Terms: Understand the venue’s pricing structure, minimum spend requirements, and payment terms to ensure it aligns with your budget and expectations. (Tip: Private dining pricing is confusing! Booking with Avital means simple, per person pricing without surprise charges.)
eating in restaurant during large group dining in nyc

Expert Tips For a More Memorable Large Group Event 

Ok, so you’ve found the perfect venue for your large group. But how do you ensure that your experience is unique and memorable? Instead of a standard dinner, consider these easy-to-execute, yet fun and unique additions: 

  1. Take-Home Gifts: A great way to make your group dining experience more memorable is to provide attendees with a personalized take-home gift, such as a branded tote bag, a custom engraved wine glass, or a locally sourced food item.
  2. Custom Cocktails: Consider serving custom cocktails upon arrival to set the tone for the event. Work with the venue or restaurant to create a signature drink that reflects your company’s brand or the theme of the event.
  3. Hands-on Activity: Adding a hands-on activity to your private dining experience can make it more engaging and interactive. A crowd-pleasing favorite is a cocktail-making station, where attendees can learn new skills and enjoy the fruits of their labor. (Psst! If you book the Avital Interactive Meal, this is included in the package!)
  4. Themed Decor: Incorporating a theme or custom decor into the private dining space can create a more immersive experience for attendees. Whether it’s a company branding or a holiday theme, decorating the space can make it feel more special and exclusive.
  5. Personal Touches: Don’t be afraid to add personal touches to the private dining experience, such as a personalized menu, a special dessert, or a surprise guest speaker. These small details can make the event more memorable and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

By choosing the right partner and incorporating these insider tips into your large group dining in NYC, you can create a truly unique and memorable experience for your attendees.