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Connect your remote team with memorable and unique virtual team building events! Led by an Avital Emcee Host with ingredient kits delivered for a turnkey, all-inclusive experience. 

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Why Choose Avital for Your Virtual Team Building?

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Professional & Reliable

A full support team to ensure a turnkey booking and seamless experience that’ll make you look like a rockstar.


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Expertly Hosted

All of our virtual team building events are led by a vetted and trained expert Avital Emcee Host. You can sit back and enjoy as your host facilitates the event.

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Innovative & Hands-On

Combat digital burnout with our unique and interactive content. Get hands-on and engage with your colleagues!

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Easy Payment

We’ve been working with corporate team building organizers since 2011 so we know the ins and outs of split payments, POs, and all that jazz. 

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No Forced Fun

Sharing food and drink is the ultimate way to connect, even if it’s through a screen! Our experiences create an authentic setting designed to connect remote teams.

Our Virtual Events Featured In

“It was AMAZING!”

My team recently did a water tasting with Avital. It was AMAZING! We tasted different waters from all over the world. We learned so much about what makes water taste great. We will never think about water the same way again.

Organizer for Genentech, 12 Guests, Virtual Water Tasting

“My team has a high bar for these virtual events, and you overachieved.”

You were GREAT to work with. My team has a high bar for these virtual events, and you overachieved. 


Dan G.
Manager at Google, 8 Guests, Virtual Tongue Twister Tasting

“I couldn’t have imagined a better company to work with!”

Avital was so professional, provided quick responses to my questions, and the event overall was a huge success! From the coordination, the packaging, and the event itself, I couldn’t have imagined a better company to work with!

Terra C.
Admin Manager at CPM, 23 Guests, Virtual Margaritas Y Munchies

What is Virtual Team Building?

Virtual team building for remote teams refers to the process of fostering collaboration, camaraderie, and a sense of connection among team members who are geographically dispersed. As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, virtual team building activities are designed to bridge the physical distance and help employees build strong relationships despite not sharing a physical office space. These activities can include virtual happy hour events, team challenges, and even seasonal virtual events.

colleague with remote team during one of Avital's virtual team building events

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