5 Remote Team Building Challenges to Try This Week

July 13, 2020

Bonding as a team improves work culture, productivity, and builds relationships. For teams that are working remote, it’s even more important to do activities together outside of the virtual office. Whether your team is newly remote or was working remotely before, virtual team building activities help your team maintain relationships while building trust and inclusion. Your team will only be stronger for it! We’ve put together 5 remote team building challenges that are fun, interactive, and will get your team excited. 

Get to know your colleagues 

This may sound simple, but usually we stick to chatting with the same teammates throughout the week. Give your team a remote team building challenge that encourages them to learn three things about a person they don’t usually talk to. You can choose the pairings, or you can use the Slack extension Donut to randomly pair up team members. At the end of the week or after work, have everyone share what they learned. 

Stump The Bartender 

Stump the Bartender is the perfect remote team building challenge if you’re hosting virtual happy hours, or if you want to plan one. After learning how to make a cocktail from an expert mixologist, your team grabs three random ingredients in their kitchen. The goal? Try to see if the bartender can come up with a cocktail recipe! If they can’t, you’ve officially stumped the bartender. It’s a fun team building activity that gets your team talking and teaches them more about each other through what’s in their kitchen. Plus, you’ll get a drink in hand! 

Challenge them to learn more about themselves

While we often think about team building as a group activity, you can also use it to help your team learn more about themselves. Personality assessments are a great tool to do so and there are plenty to choose from. A popular one right now is the enneagram test, a personality assessment that assigns personality types based on a numbering system. Have your team take the assessment and share their results. You can learn more about each other, in addition to learning more about yourself. 

Work out together

With things moving online, there are so many options for remote exercising activities. You can host a fitness week with your team, and offer activities like dancing, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. Catch a class from a top coach on Instagram live, or stream the workout class together on Zoom. And the best part is, the shower is down the hall. 

Share music with a playlist 

Getting to know music tastes is a great way to bond and one of the easiest remote team building challenges. Create a collaborative playlist using an app like Spotify and have your team add to it. You can have the team try to put together the best music to listen to while working, and when you’ve done that, you can try different themes. They can create playlists for virtual happy hours, working out, relaxing, etc.

Remote team building challenges are crucial to keep colleagues connected and morale high. Even simple activities, like playlists and personality tests, can bring teams together. Coordinate your own team building events or let us help. Happy connecting!