Virtual Tricks and Treats

Craft a delicious cocktail treat then trick your tastebuds in the spooktacular Halloween experience!

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A Spooktacular Virtual Experience with Tasty Treats & Perspective-Shifting Tricks

First, you’ll craft an incredible, seasonal cocktail alongside an Award-Winning Mixologist. Next, with drinks in hand, your Avital Emcee Host will lead guests through a flavor experience like never before, using the magic of miracle berries and mysterious jellybeans to trick your tastebuds.

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8+ Guests
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From $175 Per Person
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1 Hour
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Private Experience
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Cocktail Kits & Flavor Kits Delivered

“My team has a high bar for these virtual events, and you overachieved.”

That was really fun. You were GREAT to work with. My team has a high bar for these virtual events, and you overachieved. It was very fun and interactive.


Dan G.
Manager at Google, 8 Guests, Tongue Twister Tasting

What’s Included

Our Tricks & Treats is an all-inclusive experience with kits delivered, plus a 1-hour live event hosted by an expert Avital Emcee Host and Award-Winning Mixologist.

For groups looking for a shorter or lower cost Halloween experience, opt for just the Tricks or just the Treats kit.

Tricks Kit
  • Miracle Berries
  • Fresh Lemon and Lime
  • BeanBoozled Jellybeans
  • Kombucha
  • Buzz Button Electric Dust
  • PopRocks
  • Classic Halloween Candy
Treats Kit
virtual happy hour whiskey cocktail kit
  • High-Quality Spirit
  • Housemade Syrups & Bitters
  • Fresh Citrus
  • Deluxe Garnish
  • Recipe Card
1-Hour Live Event
man enjoying tricks and treats halloween virtual experience
  • Avital Emcee Host
  • Award-Winning Mixologist

Run of Show

Man logs in on computer to a virtual flavor tripping experience
1: Guests Get Settled

Guests log on and are welcomed by Avital Emcee Host. There will be a slide branded with your company’s logo and a reminder list of what to prepare.

Man introduces himself to group on virtual flavor tripping experience
2: Introductions

The experience begins! Your Avital Emcee Host will welcome guests and provide an overview of what’s to come. 

man shaking cocktail during happy hour virtual events
3: Craft Your Cocktail “Treat”

Your Award-Winning Mixologist will lead guests through the hands-on cocktail recipe. 

couple sipping cocktail during virtual happy hour event
4: Sip & Chat

Sip your tasty treat as Avital Host facilitates the conversation. 

Man biting into lemon slice while flavor tripping on a virtual flavor tripping experience
5: “Trick” Tastebuds with Guided Flavor Tripping 

Trick your tastebuds by turning sour to sweet on this flavor tripping journey. 

Man talks to participants on computer on a virtual flavor tripping experience
6: Wrap Up

As you nibble on the sour candies and chat, your Avital Host will wrap up the experience. 

The Essentials

Lead Time

10 business day lead time for flavor kit delivery. 7 business day lead time for RUSH delivery. 


Tricks & Treats experiences are hosted on Zoom or the video conference of your choice. We can host on your Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Amazon Chime, and more!

Group Size

We can accommodate any group size! For large group options, view our Custom Experiences page.

Run Time

1 hour


7 days a week with start times 9am ET to 9pm PT.


8 ticket minimum for groups with kit delivery. 

“Made me want to use Avital for every event.”

All I can say is you were amazing and made me want to use Avital for every event. I always feel like I have to run everything and in this case….just sat back and enjoyed the ride. What a talent you have. Already wrote people saying we need to book this event for other groups. Thank you for making our day.


Kathleen O.
ABP at Google, 59 Guests, Tongue Twister Tasting

Dietary Restrictions

In addition to being totally unique and memorable, our Virtual Tricks & Treats experiences is flexible for dietary restrictions. Most everyone can eat fruit (and candy!) so everyone can participate in this classy, unique event. And for guests that don’t drink alcohol can instead craft a zero-proof mocktail.

Why Book a Virtual Tricks & Treats Halloween Experience with Avital?

  • Inclusive Experience: Inclusive for all dietary restrictions and preferences making it a great fit for all groups.
  • Unique & Memorable: Surprise your team with a unique experience to celebrate the Halloween season!
  • Global Shipping: Connect your team, clients, or groups in the US and Canada with kits delivered in North America. 
  • Easy Payment: We’ve been working with corporate groups since 2011 so we know the ins and outs of split payments, POs, and more. 
  • Professional & Reliable: A full support team to ensure turnkey booking to a seamless experience that’ll make you look like a rockstar. 
  • Expertly Hosted: Each Tricks & Treats experience includes a vetted and trained Avital Emcee Host to facilitate the experience so you can sit back and enjoy!
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