3 Secrets to Hosting a Successful Remote Team Building Event

July 27, 2020

Remote team building doesn’t have to be a mystery–it might not be what you and your team are used to, but there are tips and tricks that will help you host a great event. Whether your team has been fully remote for a while or are working remote due to COVID-19, you can use these 3 secrets to host a successful remote team building event for years to come. 

1. Incorporate food and/or drinks! 

Add food and drinks to any event and you’ve automatically elevated interest. People love food and drinks, plain and simple! From cooking classes, mixology lessons, wine tastings, and more, you can help expand your team’s interest in the kitchen and teach them something new. Organize a weekly virtual happy hour, a cooking club, or recipe exchange and encourage your team to do something they are probably used to doing together already. Like eating, drinking, and having deadline-free discussions. 

woman unpacking groceries for remote team building activity

2. Pick an activity that encourages a lot of talking

The added layer of being on camera can make a team-building event…awkward. You want to choose activities that are interactive and get people involved. A game is always a good option. Something like Pictionary, Jackbox, or trivia is very entertaining. Furthermore, if your team is a little more reserved, a book club discussion might be a more tame weeknight remote team building event. Whatever you choose, make sure it aligns with your team and company values. The whole point of team building is to bond, and you want your activity to enable that. Lastly, make sure to encourage your team to keep their cameras on. 

man laughing during remote team building activity

3. Keep It Simple

A successful remote team building event doesn’t need to be complicated or feel intimidating. You especially don’t want all your hard work to go to waste, and overthinking a team build activity can be its detriment. Keep it simple, pick something your group will like, and trust that it will be a good time. Obsessing over every little detail won’t necessarily make the event more fun! And there’s always the option to hire a pro to lead your remote team building event so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the activity too! 

woman typing during remote team building

Bonus Secret: The easiest way to host a successful team building event? Book a professional-led Virtual Happy Hour or Cooking Class with an expert culinary experience company.