Virtual Conferences Are Here to Stay. Here’s Why.

July 15, 2020

Virtual conferences have proven that they can be just as good as a traditional in-person event. With advancing technology, more folks online, and increased globalization, it’s gotten easier to host a great virtual conference. Though many conferences have moved online due to COVID-19, virtual conferences are here to stay and will continue in a post-quarantine world. Here are 4 reasons why. 

Virtual conferences are cost-effective. 

Without having to book multiple rooms, run electricity, hire catering, and many of the other costs of running a traditional conference, your virtual conference can be much more cost-effective. Organizers can use that money to spend on other areas, like hiring more speakers, sending out thank you gifts like digital gift cards, offering attendees a food stipend, etc. Without paying for the costs of maintaining a conference space, you’ll find your budget for a virtual conference goes further. 

Virtual spaces have improved. 

Imagine traveling across an island to go to your next conference event. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, virtual spaces are making that possible. Companies like VirBela create remote virtual worlds for events and work. This makes it possible to connect in a way that feels real. Guests use avatars to walk across an island, sit in a private campus, or relax in a team suite. It also creates a feeling of accessibility for conference attendees. In these virtual worlds, you can be bumping (virtual) elbows with top CEOs and decision-makers. 

Lots of services have moved online. 

Whether it’s booking a band for an after-conference party, hiring tech people, or serving drinks for a virtual happy hour, you can find everything you need to host a virtual conference. And these moves aren’t all going to be temporary– many businesses are continuing to offer virtual services even as parts of the world open up again. As virtual conferences become more common, many elements of a traditional conference can be found online. 

More people have the chance to come together. 

Ever wanted to attend a dream conference in Singapore or Brazil? Virtual conferences let folks from around the world attend, no matter where they call home. With travel costs eliminated, virtual conferences can have more attendees. Although traditional conferences will surely come back in the future, offering a virtual option as well will continue making conferences accessible to those from all over the world.