Why We Love Hybrid Happy Hour (and You Should Too!)

June 10, 2021

While virtual events are sticking around for now (and likely into the future!), we’re slowly seeing the rise of the hybrid happy hour as places are opening up again. We love happy hour no matter what form it comes in, and that’s why we’re excited to hybrid happy hour become more common. A hybrid event brings the best of both worlds of in-person and virtual events like engaging content, the ability to join from wherever, and of course— team building! An effective hybrid event will leave your guests feeling satisfied no matter if they are calling from home or sitting in a small conference room together. There’s a lot of possibilities with a hybrid happy hour, and here’s a few reasons why we love them and think you should too.

No one gets left out

As we’re moving back into offices, hanging out in bars, and finding ourselves lingering around dining tables indoors once more, it will still take some time to get fully back to normal. That means that some folks might not be ready to spend time together in public, need to figure out their childcare plan, or have other health and safety concerns. Plus, not all public places are back to full capacity yet. The hybrid happy hour helps solve all of these problems. You can include team members who are working remote or need to stay home to take care of their family, and you can even connect international teams more easily. Perhaps your family wants to celebrate a milestone birthday together across the coasts. Invite them to a hybrid happy hour— some family in friends in one home, some in the other. Everyone can attend the party! It’s a win-win.

You get to connect in-person & virtually

Think of a hybrid happy hour sort of like a watch party you get to join in with your friends, but the host (albeit virtually) can respond and interact with you! It’s a lot of fun to try something new with your team or friends, and still get treated like VIPs by a world class mixologist. It’s like going to the bar, but the bar is private and there’s nobody pushing you to get a drink, the lights are brighter, and the seats are comfier. And instead of waiting until the once a quarter or even once a year meet-up, you can make a hybrid happy hour a more consistent event to connect different offices. Hybrid happy hour on a monthly basis? Yes please.

It’s cost-effective & easier to plan

Team-building, conferences, parties, etc.— it’s no secret that when you’re planning events like these, the costs can really add up, particularly when it comes to booking travel and venues. A hybrid happy hour cuts costs travel spend, and if you’re hosting some people at home or in the office, you don’t have to worry about booking a venue. And although you have to find a date that works for everyone, you don’t necessarily have to worry about a venue being available when you need it to be. Simply open the calendar and choose your date!

A hybrid happy hour makes having fun and connecting as a team available for everyone. As we’re all dying for a little more in-person connection, the hybrid happy hour strikes the right balance of satisfying those needs and ensuring everyone feels comfortable. And above all, you get to enjoy delicious cocktails together!