How Many of These Virtual Happy Hour Memes Can You Relate To? 

July 30, 2020

We all need a laugh during shelter-in-place. These virtual happy hour memes will not only give you a giggle, but are extremely relatable.

As we go through our first career quarantine together, nothing makes you feel more excited than a virtual happy hour. An excuse to drink with your coworkers? Shoot off the fireworks– we’ll take it. 

virtual happy hour meme wolf of wall street

Take it from funny gal Amy Schumer and pull out the big glass. Heavy pours are highly encouraged during a virtual happy hour. 

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Some iconic moments have come out of quarantine so far, and this virtual happy hour meme captures one of the best. Stanley Tucci making cocktails is the mixologist we need right now. 

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Ah, the classic stuck at home problem: there’s not many places to go! But at least you don’t have to drive anywhere, which means….more cocktails. 

virtual happy hour meme tweet

While Stanley Tucci making a Negroni was iconic, nothing beats Queen Ina making a massively delicious-looking cosmopolitan. As far as virtual happy hour memes go, I think we can all relate to slowly seeing those cocktails get bigger and bigger as time goes on…

ina does virtual happy hour best

There’s always that one person who takes pictures on a night out, and there’s still going to be one on a virtual happy hour. Get ready for it! 

game of thrones virtual happy hour meme

If you can’t invite your friends over, improvise! 

improvise for virtual happy hour

Probably the ultimate mistake during a virtual happy hour or a regular meeting…don’t be that person who shares the wrong screen! 

michael scott virtual happy hour meme

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