10 Weird Holiday Gift Baskets for 2023

December 1, 2022

Holiday gift baskets are a great way to give a gift to someone that has everything. They’re also great for someone that you don’t know too well and you’re not sure exactly what to give them. However, gift baskets with the usual fruits and sweet treats are a bit humdrum and can feel unthoughtful. Let us help you break out of the land of expected holiday experience gift baskets. We’ve curated a list of weird, quirky, and unique holiday gift baskets to wow your giftee! Look below and see what curiosities we found. You definitely won’t be bored. 

What are holiday gift baskets?

Holiday gift baskets are usually a collection of items that you give at the holiday season. Gift baskets are typically include a variety of items placed in a parcel to be delivered to a gift recipient’s home or office. They can vary from fruit baskets to wine baskets, but today, we want to take you off the beaten path to find some weird and funky gift baskets!

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Top Recommendation

1. All-Inclusive Charcuterie Chalet Kit

We’re sure you’ve heard of gingerbread houses, but what about a charcuterie chalet? A charcuterie chalet is just like a gingerbread house, but is constructed with the foods you’d see on a charcuterie board instead of sweet treats. This is different from our other holiday gift baskets because it’s interactive. First create, then eat! It’s your giftee’s choice as to how soon they chow down on their creation after they’ve built it! Get the full details on this charcuterie chalet kit and we bet you’ll be pressing that purchase button pretty quickly!

Cost: $100.00

What’s Included: How-To Building Guide, Tools: 1 Base Cake Board, 2 Piping Bags, Chardonnay Cheese Spread, White Zinfandel Cheese Spread, Charcuterie, Rustic Flatbread, Wasa Crackers, Triangle Crispbreads, Grated Parmesan, Pretzels, Dehydrated Oranges

Why We Love It: This gift basket is not only tasty, but a creative and engaging activity is built in! Great for friends and family, or for your holiday office party and corporate gifting.

Image Credit: mancrates.com

2. Zombie Survival Kit

Set yourself apart by buying a zombie survival kit instead of one of those expected holiday gift baskets! Imagine – it’s the zombie apocalypse. You’ve teamed up with a group of strangers to survive. What do you need? Other than, of course, food, this kit has it all for you. Let your giftee’s imagination take the lead while they fight for their hypothetical lives.

Cost: $109.99

What’s Included: Axel, Mini Pick & Shovel, Fixed Tanto Knife with Built-in Firestarter, Combat Essentials, Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, Zombie Flashlight, First Aid Kit, Duct Tape, SPAM

Why We Love It: This is a great gift for someone that loves zombie or horror movies or survivalism – and it’s surely different from your normal holiday gift baskets!

Image Credit: packedwithpurpose.gifts

3. Positive Vibes Gift Basket

Gift a gift of zen with this positive vibes gift basket. This thoughtful gift sends positive, featuring a stylish terrazzo mug, organic tea and biscuits, handmade jam, and indoor-friendly bonsai grow kit. It also supports different causes including youth entrepreneurship, sustainability initiatives, and women-owned businesses.

Cost: $90

What’s Included: Organic Herbal Tea Blend of Golden Turmeric and Ginger, Lightly Sweet Tea Biscuits With Layers of Toasted Oats and Hint of Salt, Organic Small-batch, Farm-fresh Strawberry Jam, Bonsai Tree Seed Grow Kit, Ceramic Mug, an Artful Booklet That Showcases the Stories Behind Our Impact Partners and the Meaningful Impact Our Gifts Create

Why We Love It: Not only does this holiday gift basket encourage your giftee to feel great, the goods sourced in this basket also support organizations that help the global community.

Image Credit: flybyjing.com

4. Sichuan Pepper Inspired Gift Box

Fly By Jing’s tagline is “not traditional, but personal.” And we absolutely agree. The owner of the company, Jing, creates tongue tingling condiments and spice packs using classic Sichuan flavors, including the tongue numbing Sichuan peppercorn. The most famous of their products is their delectable chili crisp, but this holiday gift box holds so much more! Not only do you get their famous chili crisp, you’ll also get a chili vinaigrette, dried chilis to make your own creations, and more.

Cost: $158

What’s Included: Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, Mala Spice Mix, Chili Crisp Vinaigrette, Tribute Pepper, Erjingtiao Chili, Salsero Spoon, Tastes Different Magazine Vol. 1

Why We Love It: This is a great starter kit for someone into spice and wanting to get to know a new flavor profile. Plus, the packaging is super hip and aesthetic.

Image Credit: makeblock.com

5. Build and Program Your Own Robot

This kit isn’t just for kids! Let your giftee make their own programmable robot with this holiday gift kit! This 10-in-1 robot kit allows you to make many different configurations including a self-balancing robot, catapult ram, camera dolly, and robotic ant. Let your imagination be the limit with this amazing, programmable robot kit.

Cost: $349.99

What’s Included: More than 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules for 10 custom robots and many more maker projects.

Why We Love It: This kit is ideal for programming and robot lovers – it’s like a science experiment kit for grown ups!

Image Credit: lulasgarden.com

6. A Basket of Succulents

Ok, this is technically a box of succulents, but that’s pretty much the same thing as a basket right?! Either way, this elegant gift from Lula’s Garden is a different kind of gift basket that is great for plant lovers or just lovers of beautiful things. This succulent gift basket features a combination of gorgeous succulents that have been planted in a hand crafted box for your giftee to receive. This is the gift that keeps on giving because your recipient will have them as long as they’re taken care of and stay alive –  and bonus – succulents are super easy to take care of.

Cost: $168

What’s Included: Contains an assortment of small, medium, and large pre-planted fresh succulents placed within the box, and a water dropper to water the plants.

Why We Love It: This gift is a way to gift nature to a person’s home – whether they love plants or not – they’ll be happy to have this display for their abode.

Image Credit: mouth.com

7. Peck of Pickles Holiday Gift Basket

This gift is as sour as it is salty! Mouth Foods offers a variety of pickle holiday gift baskets bursting with delightfully vinegared, perfectly pickled small-batch cukes. To make things weirder, they also offer an Offbeat Pickle Basket featuring a goldmine of unconventional pickled treats

Cost: $91

What’s Included: Electric Za’atar Pickle Chips, Sweet Chip Pickles, Mother’s Puckers Garlic Dills, Hoppy Pickles, and Garlic Dill Pickles

Why We Love It: A fun foodie gift of treats we’re pretty sure your special someone hasn’t tried before!

Image Credit: potatoparcel.com

8. Potato Parcel Gift Bundle

Potato Parcel is a company that won a deal on Shark Tank for their brilliant idea: the ability to send a potato with a custom message or image printed onto it! Kooky and quirky right? Bring a smile to anyone’s face with this unique and weird gift! The Potato Parcel Gift Bundle includes a customized potato (extra fees for an image instead of words), candy, and a classy gift wrap to throw your recipient off a bit! When they open their gift – they’re sure to crack a smile if not laugh out loud! Bonus: the company sends a dollar to a food bank for every order purchased.

Cost: $29.95

What’s Included: Personalized Potato, Card, Candy, and Optional Gift Wrap

Why We Love It: This might be our quirkiest gift basket yet and is a great gift for the person that has everything.

Image Credit: food52.com

9. Fuego Box Tame to Insane Hot Sauce Challenge Box

There are hot sauces that add just a kick of flavor to your foods, and then there are concoctions that have you reaching for a glass of milk faster than you can say “pepper.” Whatever your preferred heat level, this box will meet your expectations. This hot sauce holiday gift box includes a lineup of 11 craft sauces, ranging from mild to hotter-than-hot. Who can handle the heat?

Cost: $135.00

What’s Included: Each box comes with 10 full size spicy bottles and one mini bottle all lined up and ready for tasting.

Why We Love It: Great for kids, but also a fun conversation starter for friends and family!

Image Credit: uncommongoods.com

10. Weird & Wild Animal Facts Gift Set

Let kids (and adults alike) explore the silly and gross side of the animal kingdom! This weird & wild animal kit includes a funky spin on the classic bingo game where players match animals to their droppings. There’s also an adorable book of pointless (or are they?) animals, and a effervescent bass bomb for more fun.

Cost: $50.00

What’s Included: Poop Bingo, The World’s Most Pointless Animals, Mystery Bath Fizzy

Why We Love It: Great for kids, but also a fun conversation starter for friends and family!

Final Thoughts on Unique Holiday Gift Baskets

In a world filled with conventional gift-giving options, the allure of holiday gift baskets takes center stage, offering a delightful departure from the ordinary. The appeal of unique holiday gift baskets lies in their ability to surprise and delight, transcending traditional gifting norms. As we’ve explored this whimsical world of weird holiday gift baskets, we’ve discovered the magic of unconventional choices, a treasure trove of eccentric combinations, and the perfect means to celebrate the holiday season in an extraordinary way. With holiday gift baskets, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, and they provide a unique and memorable way to express your holiday sentiments. So, why not break free from the ordinary this year and give the gift of holiday joy with a dash of eccentricity? Embrace the weird, and your holiday celebrations will be all the more memorable for it.