The Ultimate List of Luxury Gifts for Foodies 2023

October 18, 2021

We all have those friends that absolutely love food! I am that friend that absolutely loves food. So, this holiday season, we thought we would present luxury gifts for foodies that will knock their socks off.

Here is our ultimate list of luxury gifts for foodies!


group-on-food-tourWHAT: San Francisco is one of the food capitals of the world, with over 4000 delicious restaurants to choose from. So, allow us to do the choosing for you and your guests. Give the gift of a unique experience! Our San Francisco food tours are built by locals for locals and are the perfect activity for family and friends. Avital food tour gift certificates are the perfect present for the foodie in your life.

WHERE TO BUY: Grab your gift card here!

COST: Any amount you want to spend!


frozen-yogurt-maker-cuisinartWHAT: Who doesn’t like ice cream or frozen yogurt? Spread the love to your foodie friends by gifting them with an ice cream maker! This Cuisinart model comes with a frozen bowl insert and makes deliciously smooth and creamy desserts. With only one switch, it’s very quick and easy to use, spitting out frozen desserts (and drinks!) in 20 minutes or less. Your foodie friends will never be without dessert again – and that sounds like a good friend to me!

WHERE TO BUY: Grab your ice cream machine here! 

COST: $69.95


knife-set-of-threeWHAT: A good knife is always worth the investment. Especially if your foodie friends are always hosting, cooking, baking, you name it! With this Warther chef knife, you get a multi-purpose knife that excels at small and large tasks, and you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get the right one. As Warther says, if you only have one knife, this is the one to get!

WHERE TO BUY: Grab your chef’s knife here!

COST: $103+


persona-pizza-ovenWHAT: There’s a saying that goes, you can’t make everyone happy, you’re not pizza. Well, I’d like to rephrase that and say, you can make everyone happy, make them pizza. Your foodie friends will be thanking you as they’ll be the talk of the town with this pizza oven. It makes 12” pizzas in just 60 seconds. It fits in any outdoor space and weighs just over 20 pounds.

WHERE TO BUY: Grab your pizza oven here! 

COST: $399


taking-pictures-on-a-food-tourWHAT: Your foodie friends can eat like a New Yorker with our New York City food tour. This unique experience, built by locals for locals, takes you on a 3-hour, 4-course meal through some of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. It’s the perfect activity for family and friends! So whether you’re checking out the Flatiron district, East Village, or Williamsburg, your foodie friends are in for a treat (no pun intended!).

WHERE TO BUY: Grab your gift card here!

COST: Any amount you want to spend!


herbal-infuser-machineWHAT: You want to talk luxury gifts for foodies? Well, let me tell you about this infusion machine. Foodies love spicing up their regular, everyday items. With this infusion machine, your friends can elevate their oils, butters, honeys, and more by automating the process of drying, activating, and infusing herbs. It’s perfect for gummies, brownies, cookies, candies, you name it. It comes in 5 different colours, so you can pick the one that perfectly matches your foodie friend’s kitchen aesthetic. 

WHERE TO BUY: Grab your Infuser here!

COST: $289.99


steel-pasta-machineWHAT: Made in Italy, a Marcato machine is the perfect, authentic pasta maker. There is nothing like making fresh, homemade pasta. Your foodie friends can impress their guests with their pasta-making skills with this heavy-duty machine. It can handle thick slabs of dough and comes with an additional cutter attachment for fettucine and tagliolini. Get your friends ready for their pasta-making adventures!

WHERE TO BUY: Grab your pasta machine here!

COST: $82.95


cheese-platter-with-breadWHAT: Say cheese! Gift your friends with a 3-month cheese subscription box. The cheese lovers in your life will receive a box each month with 3-4 delicious cheese. Charcuterie boards and cheese platters ooze luxury so this is an ultimate gift for your foodie friends!

WHERE TO BUY: Get your subscription here!

COST: $175


mortar-and-pestle-for-foodiesWHAT: I know you may be thinking, a mortar & pestle? What can they make with a mortar & pestle other than guacamole? Well, let me tell you! First off, guacamole is delicious so it would be a win to start. But you can also make pesto, ceasar dressing, curry paste, hummus, and so much more! Gift your foodie friends with this stunning one from Williams Sonoma.

WHERE TO BUY: Get your mortar & pestle here!

COST: $99.95


row-of-spicesWHAT: Tell your friends to make some room on the spice rack for this six-pack of unique spices. This Diaspora Co. Single-Origin Spice pack comes straight from small, family-run farms in India and Sri Lanka. The Pantry Pack comes with moky Nagauri Cumin from the Thar Desert, lemony-nutty Nandini Coriander, Aranya Pepper with notes of fig and citrus, floral-buttery Makhir Ginger, bright and floral Pragati Turmeric, and Kandyan Cloves with notes of pine and butterscotch.

WHERE TO BUY: Get your origin pack here!

COST: $65

Ninja Air Fryer

ninja-air-fryerAir fryers are an absolute must when it comes to kitchen appliances! Before I got one, I didn’t feel the need and now I can’t live without mine (seriously, it’s become an addicition). That’s why the Ninja Air Fryer is an excellent gift for the foodie in your life. This versatile Ninja model is perfect when cooking for two and delivers everything with a nice golden brown, crispy finish. Bonus is that you can also dehydrate with this model. So they can get those kale chips, apple slices, and strawberries ready.

WHERE TO BUY: Get your Air Fryer here!

COST: $99.99

Indoor Smart Garden

small-smart-indoor-gardenGrowing your own herbs can be difficult. Knowing how much or how little to water them, where to plant them, maybe bugs get in there, there’s a lot to consider. That’s where an Indoor Smart Garden comes into play! This small garden, made of sustainable materials, is Wifi-enabled with automated LED lighting. You’ll also get gardening guidance about when your plants will need water as well as tips and advice to go from seed to harvest.

WHERE TO BUY: Get your smart garden here!

COST: $199.95 

Dolce & Gabbana Blender

luxury-blend-dolce-gabbanaYou want to talk luxury gifts for foodies? Let’s talk about this luxurious Dolce & Gabbana blender that is bound to wow any foodie. SMEG, known for their retro-looking appliances, is based in Italy so it’s only natural they collaborated with a classic Italian luxury label. There are four speed settings and three pre-set programs: smoothie, ice crush, and pulse.

WHERE TO BUY: Get your D&G blender here! 

COST: $850 

Olive Oil Capsule

set-of-four-infused-olive-oilsOlive oil is a wonderful base for almost all meals. This set includes 4 infused olive oils to liven up your foodie friend’s meals. Included in this set is a Basil-Infused Oil, a Garlic Infused Oil, Blood Orange Infused Oil, and White Truffle Infused Oil. It’s the perfect set to have that matches with any type of meal, from a caprese salad, to pizza, pasta, and grilled meats.

WHERE TO BUY: Get your olive oil set here!

COST: $39.95

Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking

italian-cooking-cookbookTransport yourself and your friends to Italy with Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking. It features 300 recipes that highlight the best of Italian home cooking. The recipes focus on using fresh and delicious ingredients, with clear instructions, tips, and a visual produce guide. Not to mention, it’s an amazing coffee table book for when not in use!

WHERE TO BUY: Get your copy here!

COST: $66

Portable Smoke Infuser

portable-smoke-infuser-as-a-giftWhat do you get for the foodie who has everything? Well, how about a Portable Smoke Infuser? This model is easy to use and comes with a load of accessories needed to elevate any meal. Add a smokey flavor and aroma to your meats, herbs, and spices! 

WHERE TO BUY: Get your smoke infuser here!

COST: $59.97

Truffle Siracha & Buffalo VIP Set

truffle-siracha-and-buffalo-sauce-setSpice up your meals with this Truffle Siracha & Buffalo VIP Set. The chef-curated Siracha hot sauce blends premium fermented chili peppers, savory spices, heart healthy hibiscus, and cold pressed olive oil naturally infused with black truffles, with zero added sugar. The Truffalo (Buffalo) blends naturally fermented cayenne and chipotle peppers from freshly harvested chilis. This is a great set to have for your foodie friends that are always hosting to spice up their next night in with wings and veggies!

WHERE TO BUY: Get your VIP set here!

COST: $59.99

With the holidays right around the corner, you can’t go wrong with any of these luxury gifts for foodies in your life! Let us know which one you pick!