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Tongue Twister Tasting Kit

Experience Flavor in a Whole New Way

Experience flavor like never before with this tongue twister tasting kit. Explore the magic of miracle berries and you push flavor boundaries through sight, texture, and taste.

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1 Kit Per Person
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From $35 Per Kit (+ Shipping)
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15-30 Minutes
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Experiment with Flavor
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Self-Guided with Video
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What’s Included

Our Tongue Twister Tasting Kit is an all-inclusive kit that has three flavor experiments for you to DIY at home.

Tongue Twister Tasting Kit
tongue twister tasting kit
  • Step-By-Step Guided Video instructions for each flavor experiment
  • Three Flavor Experiments: Texture (poprocks and ElectricDust), Sight (JellyBeans), Taste (Miracle Berries)
  • All Ingredients, including: Poprocks, Buzzbutton ElectricDust, Bean Boozled Jelly Beans, Miracle Berries, Lemon, Lime and Kombucha

What Is a Tongue Twister Tasting?

This kit is all about temporarily altering your tastebuds to experience flavor in a whole new way! There are three flavor experiments that are fun for all ages. The featured experiment is called called Flavor Tripping, using a miracle berry native to West Africa to coat the tongue, causing previously sour foods, like lemon and kombucha, to taste deliciously sweet. The additional flavor experiments focus on other senses like sight and texture so your tongue is twisted at the end!