6 Foodie-Approved Spots to Eat During NYC Restaurant Week 2022

July 25, 2022

NYC Restaurant Week 2022 is coming up! Don’t get overwhelmed by all the options – we have a curated list of our six favorite restaurants to eat during this delectable time of year. 

But, what is restaurant week? Restaurant week is a period of time every year where restaurants in New York City create special pre-fixe menus to highlight what they do best. And? They usually come at reduced or fixed prices so they’re more accessible to the public! How great is that?

This year, NYC Restaurant Week 2022 lasts for 30 days to celebrate its 30th anniversary. From July 18 to August 21, the city is your oyster. Below we share our six favorite restaurants we think everyone should try during this delectable month. That means you can go to each of these restaurants every five days if you want to fit them all in! What a delicious month that would be… mmmmmm. 

But why pick just one a day? Below our restaurant picks we share a few food tours that allow you to try four different restaurants in one afternoon!

Source: https://russiantearoomnyc.com/media_files/images/LR_edits-0001.max-1900×1900.jpg

1. The Russian Tea Room

The Russian Tea Room has been a part of New York’s Restaurant Week every year since the beginning in 1994. More impressively, it has been in continual operation for almost 100 years! Don’t miss a piece of this history with its classic Russian dishes and elegant interior.

On the Menu: The Russian Tea Room’s NYC Restaurant Week 2022 menu includes…

  • Appetizer: Traditional Tea Room Borscht or Tea Room Salad
  • Entrée: Boeuf à la Stroganoff, Côtelette à la Czar, Salmon, or Vegetable Wellington
  • Dessert: Chocolate Mousse Cake or Traditional Cheesecake

Price: $60 per person, weekdays only

Participating in Restaurant Week: July 18 – August 21 

Click here to learn more about the menu at the Russian Tea Room’s NYC Restaurant Week 2022 for lunch or dinner.

Source: https://www.kokomonyc.com/

2. Kokomo

Kokomo, in Williamsburg, serves up classic Caribbean favorites with a modern twist (including vegan options). Think flatbreads topped with jerk chicken or oxtail, roasted and stuffed sweet plantains, and don’t forget their intoxicating cocktails that come in every color of the rainbow. Their lively and vibrant atmosphere is reflected in their dishes and wait staff. If you want to e swept away into another world right in the city, we think Kokomo is the one for you. Reservations are highly encouraged – they’re really popular right now! And our favorite kind of bonus – their outdoor patio is puppy friendly.

On the Menu: Their NYC Restaurant Week 2022 menu includes…

  • Cocktail pairings for every course (optional)
  • Appetizer: Coconut Curry Mussels, Seafood Cake, or Roasted Stuffed Sweet Plantains
  • Entrée: Red Peppa Jerk Chicken, Lentil Meatballs, or Koko’s Island Pasta
  • Dessert: Bread Pudding, Assorted Cheesecakes, or Assorted Ice Cream

Price: $45 for dinner; weekdays only

Participating in Restaurant Week: July 18 – August 21 

Click here to make a reservation at Kokomo for NYC Restaurant Week 2022!


3. La Gioconda

The team at La Giocanda, the Italian name for Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, likes to think of their establishment as a “Temple to of Renaissance Cuisine.” They’re known for combining incredibly authentic Italian fare while also showing its guests a modern take on what Italian food can be. Dine al fresco at their parklet lining the sidewalk and watch the people walk by. We definitely recommend getting a bottle from their massive wine collection – that we’ve heard is very well priced!

On the Menu: Their NYC Restaurant Week 2022 menu includes a wide array of options. Dishes like mozzarella di bufala, veal meatballs, various pastas, saltimbocca, and tantalizing desserts. This is incredibly generous as most restaurants give you limited choices as to what dishes you can choose. Click here to view the full menu.

Price: $45 dinner and $30 lunch; weekdays only

Participating in Restaurant Week: July 18 – August 21 

Click here to make a reservation at La Giocanda for NYC Restaurant Week 2022!


4. City Cruises by Hornblower

Departing from Pier 15 in New York, this experience is quite different than most restaurant week options. This brunch is hosted on a Hornblower cruise boat that takes you on the East and Hudson Rivers while you see the iconic skyline of the Big Apple. While you enjoy your cruise experience you also get to brunch on a delicious, first class buffet with unlimited non alcoholic beverages and bottomless mimosas too! And if you’re a cocktail lover, don’t fret, you’re welcome to purchase cocktails, beer, and wine on board as well. 

On the Menu: Their NYC Restaurant Week 2022 buffet includes…

  • Breakfast pastries
  • Eggs, meats, and potatoes
  • Salads and a variety of vegetables
  • Chicken and fish
  • Desserts
  • So much more!

Price: $45 per person for Sunday Brunch

Participating in Restaurant Week: July 18 – August 21 (Sundays only)

Click here to make a reservation on the HornBlower Brunch Cruise!

Source: https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/the-carlyle-new-york/dining/dowlings-at-the-carlyle

5. Dowling’s at the Carlyle

We think that Dowling’s is one of the more exciting new restaurants to open post-pandemic. Think reinvented and elevated American classics all served by extremely professional staff. When you walk inside it absolutely feels like you’re dining at your fancy, rich aunt’s parlor with roaring fireplaces, eclectic, antique furniture, and art lining the walls. Let Chef Sylvian Delpique sweep you away to a bygone era with long forgotten classics paired with resplendent cocktails and wine selection.

On the Menu: Their NYC Restaurant Week 2022 dinner menu includes…

  • Appetizer: Gazpacho, the Wedge, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, or Pâté en Croûte 
  • Main Course: Heirloom Quinoa and Zucchini, Murray’s Roasted Half Chicken, Shrimp Scampi, or Steak Frites
  • Ice Cream Sundae or New York Cheesecake

Price: $45 lunch; $65 dinner

Participating in Restaurant Week: July 18 – August 21 

Click here to make a reservation and learn more about Dowling’s Restaurant Week plans. 

Source: https://taogroup.com/venues/beauty-essex-new-york/gallery/#gallery-14

6. Beauty & Essex

This hip restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan sincerely focuses on the diner’s whole experience, from the floor to the ceiling, from the plate to the belly. As their website reads it all starts when you walk through their entrance, “a well ­curated modern day pawn shop replete with … quirky artifacts, vintage treasures and an eclectic array of “one­off” pieces of jewelry. Continuing past the pawn shop, guests encounter a grand, circular staircase wrapped around a two-­story custom chandelier…” and into the dining rooms to eat. Their food is pioneered by Chef Chris Santos (he’s one of the chefs that made the small share plate trend popular), who you can trust to treat you to a deliciously cool time. 

On the Menu: Their NYC Restaurant Week 2022 menu includes…

  • First Course: Tuna Poke Tacos, Avocado Toast, “Chicken” Arepa, or Summer Squash Pizza
  • Second Course: Spaghettini, Peruvian Chicken, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, or Braised Short Ribs
  • Third Course: Brownie Sundae, Selection of Ice Creams and Sorbets, “Les, NYC” Doughnuts

Price: $60 per person for dinner

Participating in Restaurant Week: July 18 – August 21 

Click here to learn more about Beauty & Essex’s NY Restaurant Week.


If you don’t want to eat at just one restaurant in one day, we suggest you try a progressive meal tour. This way you can eat at four different restaurants in one afternoon! A progressive meal tour will take you to multiple iconic New York restaurants to eat a different course at each restaurant, so you don’t have to pick just one.

We love this idea because you get a wide array of foods from different iconic New York restaurants in a short amount of time – really savoring what the NYC Restaurant Week 2022 has to offer. 


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Well, good luck on your food journey you culinary traveler! Whether you choose just one, or all of them, you won’t regret trying any of our picks for NYC Restaurant Week 2022.