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Guided Water Tasting

Not everyone in your group drinks alcohol? Some people have dietary restrictions? No problem! Book a guided water tasting at your venue of choice and you won’t have to worry about whether everyone can participate.

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Taste Water in a Whole New Way

A unique, in-person activation guided by a Certified Water Sommelier and an Avital Emcee Host. Think wine tasting but with water as you learn about and taste water like never before. An inclusive, customizable experience with optional team building water game upgrades.

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20-1000+ Guests
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From $5,000 Per Event
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On Site at Your Venue
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What’s Included

Our guided water tasting is a customizable experience where we come to your office or event. Hosted by an expert Avital Emcee Host and Certified Water Sommelier.

Fine Waters
table with fine waters for guided water tasting event
  • 5+ Fine Waters, including Still & Sparkling Waters
  • Glassware
Guided Water Tasting
host talking with water tasting guests
  • Certified Water Sommelier
  • Avital Emcee Host
  • Guided Water Tasting
  • Sommelier Q&A

Upgrades & Add-Ons

group playing water games during water tasting team building
Water Team Building Games
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Go head-to-head with your colleagues in these inventive, water-focused team building games

Dietary Restrictions

In addition to being totally unique and memorable, our Guided Water Tasting is great for all dietary restrictions making it one of the most inclusive (and healthy) team building experiences you can do. Everyone drinks water so everyone can participate in this classy, unique event.

Why Book a Guided Water Tasting with Avital?

  • Inclusive & Healthy Experience: Inclusive for all dietary restrictions and preferences making it a great fit for all groups. Plus a healthy alternative to cocktails or happy hours!
  • Unique & Memorable: Forgot trust falls and boring team building. This novel experience brings a fresh perspective to team connection. 
  • Easy Payment: We’ve been working with corporate groups since 2011 so we know the ins and outs of split payments, POs, and more. 
  • Experienced Team: A full support team to ensure turnkey booking to a seamless experience that’ll make you look like a rockstar. 
  • Expertly Hosted: Each water tasting includes a Certified Water Sommelier, plus a vetted and trained Avital Emcee Host to facilitate the experience so you can sit back and enjoy!

What is a Guided Water Tasting?

A guided water tasting is an experiential journey that invites participants to explore the nuances and complexities of water, transforming a seemingly ordinary substance into a source of sensory delight and cultural appreciation. Similar to wine or coffee tastings, guided water tastings aim to elevate awareness and appreciation for the diverse flavors, textures, and aromas present in different types of water sourced from various regions and origins.

Facilitated by knowledgeable hosts and water experts, these tastings often involve sampling purified, mineral, or spring waters from different sources, accompanied by discussions on water quality, filtration methods, environmental impact, and the cultural significance of water in human civilization. Through guided tastings, participants not only develop a deeper understanding of water but also cultivate a heightened sense of mindfulness towards this essential element of life.

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