Mission Cheese’s San Francisco One Day Itinerary

April 15, 2015

Mission Cheese is a pioneer of the “Cheese Bar” featuring only American artisan cheeses paired with California Wine and Beer in San Francisco’s Mission District. Owners Sarah Dvorak and husband Oliver Dameron share their baby-friendly San Francisco One Day Itinerary.

owners of Mission Cheese Sarah Dvorak and Oliver Dameron

Sarah and Oliver’s San Francisco One Day Itinerary

Sarah and Oliver start out their ideal San Francisco Day with a breakfast of toast & coffee at The Mill located at 736 Divisadero Street in NOPA. They call it “Family Toast”, and it’s perfect. The coffee is delicious & there is nothing quite like fresh baked bread…toasted. They also tend to see at least one friend (& Josey, the baker!)…good stuff.

After a great morning breakfast at The Mill, it’s Beach Time! Oliver goes for a surf while Sarah plays on the sand with their son, Henry.

Then after working up an appetite at the beach, Sarah and Oliver head to pick up sandwiches from Say Cheese at 856 Cole Street. Sarah’s pretty much addicted to the Jambon & Gruyere sandwich & Oliver loves the Cajun Turkey. It’s the best on the go sandwich spot.

Take those amazing sandwiches and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge for a short hike on Mount Tamalpais.  Sarah and Oliver rave about recently rediscovering the glories of what is affectionately known as “Mt Tam.” They know they’re so lucky that it’s so close…and that Henry loves hiking.

On the way home from Mount Tamalpais, stop for Dinner at Fish in Sausalito at 350 Harbor Drive. Seriously, eating fish & chips with a beer outside is the perfect post-hike meal.

Then, Sarah and Oliver head home for a bath & bedtime for “the Bossman.” Once Henry is in bed, Sarah and Oliver like to take advantage of the quiet time or hang out with friends, play backgammon, & drink another beer…why not!