Jersey Pizza Restaurant Review

May 18, 2015

Jersey Pizza Restaurant review written by Culinary Guide, Corinne Sykes

This Jersey girl was anxious to see what was cookin’ inside a self-proclaimed “Jersey Pizza” joint in SOMA, of all places. Though not quite the trip down memory lane I might have hoped for, certainly well worth the culinary time in its own right.

Jersey Pizza Restaurant in San Francisco

The Place: Jersey Pizza is yet another addition to the growing set of lunch spots in SOMA. Inside it feels much more like an upscale casual dinner spot than a fast work-day lunch grab, however. Even so, if you’re really decisive you can manage it on a lunch hour. The ambience feels definitively San Francisco, which makes sense since the Rosenthal brothers (Town Hall, Anchor & Hope, Salt House) have employed the same SF designers for their two new spots: La Capra Coffee and Jersey Pizza. The sleek Sagan Piechota feel was about as far from boardwalk pizza as I could imagine. Mack & Manco’s this was not. So my question remained — WHICH Jersey are we talkin’ about here? The answer came with the menu.

The Dishes: The very first “Jersey style” pizza: The Trenton Pie. Question answered – We’re in North Jersey. To this South Jersey girl, that meant we’re about as far from home as California, anyway (or “anyways” as they say out West). New York and Philadelphia polarize Jersey even more so than SF and LA polarize Cali. Luckily there was one saving grace — Shoestring Potatoes. Despite offering a separate selection of California style pies, there’s still a strong California bent even on the “Jersey style” pies. The Trenton Pie was absolutely delicious and rivals some of my long-held best-pie opinions. The Bianca was another “Jersey style” that felt decidedly “West” to me (onion crema, lemon ricotta, mozzarella, cresenze, truffle oil), but the favorite of the table nonetheless. Call it what you want – this pizza is mad good. Next time someone asks, “Djeet?” Make sure you say, “squeet at Jersey.”

Key ingredients: mozzarella, tomato sauce, onion crema, truffle oil.

Other Menu Musts: Shoestring Potatoes, Squash Blossoms

Little Known Fact: Pizza isn’t just for lunch – Jersey Pizza is also open from breakfast from 7am-10am! Try a breakfast pizza or cannoli!

Insider Secrets: Besides a great pizza selection, there are some fabulously curated beers and wines to be found at Jersey. The servers are knowledgable and happy to taste you out a few 😉 Ballast Point Lager with a Trenton Pie, and you might start to feel a little Jersey.

The Details: Trenton Tomato Pie, $17. Bianca, $18. Squash Blossoms, $9. Shoestring Potatoes, $6.

Jersey Pizza
145 2nd St, San Francisco
M-Th 11am-10pm
F 11am-11pm
M-F 7am-10am
Saturday 5:30pm-11pm.