How We’re Revolutionizing the Private Dining Industry

November 27, 2023

In the world of event planning, where orchestrating corporate gatherings and unforgettable celebrations is an art, we understand the challenges faced by organizers in curating exceptional experiences. That’s why we’re not just transforming the private dining industry; we’re redefining it by addressing key pain points that event organizers encounter.

Private dining rooms have been making a comeback for years, but the problems many corporate organizers face have gone ignored and unchanged. After talking with our corporate clients and understanding their pain points, we’ve made significant product changes to offer a seamless, easy booking and a truly unique and memorable experience. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Simplifying the Pricing Conundrum: A Single Price for Clarity

One of the primary headaches for event organizers is navigating the complex pricing structures offered by private dining venues. The intersection of prix fixe prices per person and minimum spend requirements often leaves organizers scratching their heads, making it challenging to compare options accurately.

Consider this scenario: Venue A offers a tempting $50 per person prix fixe menu but demands a minimum spend of $1,000. Meanwhile, Venue B presents a $75 per person option with a lower minimum spend of $800. The juggling act of comparing these two seemingly disparate options can be bewildering. And then layer on the additional complexity of a 22% gratuity with no admin fee at Restaurant A compared to a 20% gratuity and a 5% admin fee at Restaurant B. No wonder its hard to figure out what your final total price per person will end up being! And that’s why we’ve taken all of the complexity and guesswork out of booking a private dining room.

To streamline this process, Avital has revolutionized the private dining pricing model. We present a transparent and straightforward approach, merging the prix fixe cost and minimum spend into a single, all-inclusive price per person. This simple per person pricing model is streamlined into three tiers: Classic, Premium or Deluxe. This empowers our clients to make informed decisions effortlessly, as they can now easily compare venues on an apples-to-apples basis without the need for complex calculations.

Elevating the Experience: Meal and Activity in One Package

Avital is not just about exceptional dining; it’s about crafting an immersive, all-inclusive experience. We recognize that event organizers are constantly seeking unique ways to engage their guests, whether for team-building activities, client entertainment, or special occasions like birthdays and bachelorette parties.

Gone are the days of piecing together separate reservations for dinner and activities. Avital’s private dining experiences seamlessly integrate a multi-course prix fixe meal as the foundation, with engaging activities interspersed throughout, for a perfect balance of structured activity and open time to relax and enjoy. Better than simply “booking a restaurant,” your dedicated Host invites guest to “Play With Your Food” in our classy-and-quirky style. From making and shaking your own cocktail, to food & drink trivia with prizes, to our signature Flavor Finale tasting experience, your guests will be surprised and delighted with a unique and memorable dining experience that’s anything but boring!

Venue Selection: No More Headaches Finding the Perfect Place for Your Group

Gone are the days of scouring individual restaurant websites, trying to match their offerings with the specific needs of an event. Avital leverages its extensive network of restaurant partners to curate options based on event types and goals. Our process simplifies the options, presenting organizers with a handpicked selection packet of venues that align with their event’s unique requirements.

By centralizing the selection process and providing a carefully curated list of options, we’re not only saves organizers valuable time but also enhances the likelihood of event success. We’ve become a one-stop-shop for all private dining needs, allowing organizers to focus on the finer details of their event rather than getting bogged down in the logistics of venue selection.

Final Thoughts on the Private Dining Industry

Avital’s commitment to revolutionizing the private dining industry goes beyond simplifying pricing structures. We’re pioneering a shift towards a holistic approach where the meal and the experience coalesce into a harmonious, memorable event. Plus we’re saving organizers time with a curated selection of venues that perfectly aligned with their event goals. Join us in reshaping the private dining world.