13 Best Virtual Team Building Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

March 19, 2021

Time to spice up your virtual team building events with some Cinco de Mayo energy. From margaritas with a professional mixologist to a sweet chocolate tasting, we’ve got 12 Cinco de Mayo fiesta ideas for a great time. 

And as you’re planning your Cinco de Mayo celebration, we encourage you and your team to learn more about the cultural significance of the holiday, as well as supporting local Mexican businesses. 

making mexican salsa for virtual team building cinco de mayo
1. Learn how to make some tasty Mexican salsas 

A Mexican chef will guide you through making some delicious Mexican salsas in this fun, festive event. You’re guaranteed to make some of the best salsas you’ve ever had — just add chips! Other online experiences like making Mexican street tacos, cooking with Aztec ingredients, or learning a family recipe for Puebla mole are great options, too. 

computer screen of virtual team building cinco de mayo event
2. Enjoy some Margaritas y Munchies 

What’s better than a refreshing margarita on Cinco de Mayo? Begin by crafting a seasonal margarita with fresh citrus and seasonal syrup alongside an Award-Winning Mixologist. Then craft a fresh jicama snack with instructions from your Avital: Emcee Host. Enjoy other festive snacks, like chips and gourmet salsas, throughout this interactive foodie fiesta. The best part? The ingredients are delivered straight to your home. It’s the perfect virtual team building cinco de mayo experience. 

eating tacos for virtual team building cinco de mayo
3. Eat some tacos while watching Taco Chronicles 

We love tacos, like a lot. And we’re assuming you and your team do too! Have everyone order tacos from their favorite local Mexican restaurant and learn the story behind different styles of tacos from all over Mexico while viewing Taco Chronicles. Bring extra tacos — this series may make you even more hungry.

tour a mexican museum for virtual team building cinco de mayo
4. Go on a virtual tour of The Mexican Museum 

To celebrate Mexican art, take a virtual tour of The Mexican Museum. Made easily available at home, scroll through beautiful paintings without having to leave your home. You can also take your team on a virtual tour of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. A trip to the museum is a peaceful, relaxing experience for groups who like to keep it more low key. 

do a virtual mezcal tasting for virtual team building cinco de mayo
5. Sample some amazing mezcals 

While tequila is often the star of show, mezcal (also made from agave) is spiking up in popularity. It’s just as tasty and traditional as tequila. Have an expert walk you through one of many mezcal events to learn more about the spirit. 

do a virtual chocolate tasting for virtual team building cinco de mayo
6. Sweeten it up with a chocolate tasting 

Chocolate has long been a part of Mexican culture, dating back to the Aztecs. Satisfy the sweet tooths in your group with a virtual chocolate tasting. Grab some bars of chocolate made in Mexico and discover the differences in flavor. Enjoying melt in your mouth chocolate is never a bad way to spend an evening together. If you have employees who are actually there, they can get together, find a car rental in Mexico and go directly to the chocolate factories, museums, and tasting venues and make a road trip out of the whole thing.

celebrate mexican cinema for virtual team building cinco de mayo
7. Celebrate Mexican cinema 

The Mexican film industry is prolific and has released some beautiful works of art. Film buffs will appreciate watching a movie from the “Golden Age of Mexican Cinema”, pre-dating WWII by a few years. Check out this list of 101 movies for suggestions, host a watch party, and then guide a Q & A afterward. 

play virtual loteria for virtual team building cinco de mayo
8. Play some virtual Lotería 

Lotería is a traditional Mexican game similar to Bingo — and yes, you can play it on Zoom! Bring out the competitive spirit in your team with this fun virtual game for Cinco de Mayo. This guide will walk you through playing Lotería online, all you need to do is provide the drinks and snacks. 

go shopping in mexico city for virtual team building cinco de mayo
9. Go shopping in Mexico City 

Yup, really. With this virtual shopping experience, you don’t have to leave your couch. A guide will take you through the Ciudadela Market, a colorful home for artisans from all over Mexico. You’ll learn the history of the market as your guide walks you through and even have a chance to meet the artists. Plus, you get to buy things that catch your eye. 

learn latin dancing for virtual team building cinco de mayo
10. Learn Latin dancing at home

If you’re looking for a more unique type of Cinco de Mayo celebration, we guarantee your team hasn’t tried virtual Latin dance classes. Inspire movement with a variety of virtual Latin dance classes taught by an instructor from the comfort of your home. 

hire a mariachi band for virtual team building cinco de mayo
11. Hire a mariachi band 

Maybe you’re feeling music but not so much into dancing. We’re sure few margaritas will change that, however we get it — dancing isn’t for everyone, but music is! A classic mariachi band is available to bring the Cinco de Mayo spirit to your virtual event. It’s also a great way to support local Mexican musicians. 

paint like frida for virtual team building cinco de mayo
12. Paint like Frida Kahlo 

A professional Mexican art instructor will teach you how to paint a copy of one of Frida Kahlo’s works. Not only will you learn techniques to up your painting skills, but also learn more about Frida herself, one of Mexico’s most famous artists.

mango-agave-margarita13. Liven things up with a Mango Agave Margarita

Margaritas are almost synonymous with Cinco de Mayo! Okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you need to try out this Mango Agave Margarita Experience. It’s a 60-minute, hands-on spirit forward fiesta! You even have the option to add on a Botanas box – yum, snacks!

Mexican culture is rich, beautiful, and delicious! You may not be able to get the team together in person, but you can have a great virtual team building Cinco de Mayo-style celebration this year!

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