Infographic: What Your Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Says About You

August 12, 2020

virtual happy hour infographic

Old Fashioned

If you’re stirring up an Old Fashioned for your virtual happy hour, you’ve got an appreciation for the finer things in life. Sipping on a good bourbon is luxurious in itself— and drinking an Old Fashioned makes that luxury last a little bit longer. Find a background of a fireplace or a library for your happy hour because you are classy!


Negroni drinkers have definitely got the travel bug— and who doesn’t when they’ve been in the house quarantining. You’ve got the passport stamps to prove you know your way around the world! Sip on your Negroni and dream of your post-COVID destination…let it take you to Italy and beyond. 


You’re the life of the Zoom party and keep the virtual happy hour going as long as there are ingredients to make more margaritas! Who doesn’t love a good margarita night? Whether they are spicy, made with mezcal, or frozen, if you’re drinking a margarita for your virtual happy hour you know how to keep things exciting by just being you. 

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules have seen a spike in popularity recently, and those who love them are always in the know on the latest trends. If you love Moscow Mules, your home bar is decked out with all the coolest bar equipment, because you know that to serve a mule you need that iconic copper mug. Make sure to show off your home bar in your next virtual happy hour! 


Martini drinkers are some of the most easygoing, flexible people out there. Why? Martinis are so flexible themselves! You can make them dirty, serve with a twist, drink them straight…martini drinkers have an appreciation for variety and getting creative. And of course, you’re classy! 

Whiskey Sour

If a Whiskey Sour is your virtual happy hour cocktail of choice, or any sour for that matter, you love flavor and trying new things. Sours have the perfect balance of sweetness and acid. Just like a sour, you’re balanced and not afraid to experiment a little. We can count on you for knowing what restaurants to recommend and for eating the best snacks on Zoom. 


Not so much a cocktail, but this is a salute to all you beer drinkers out there! You’re the most laid back guest at a virtual happy hour and know that sometimes, the quickest option is the best option. It’s not that you don’t like cocktails, just that the satisfaction of opening a beer after a long day still counts, even if you’ve been inside! 

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