6 Unique Corporate Holiday Party Themes for 2023

November 7, 2022

It’s that time of year again! Time to figure out what you’re going to do for your office holiday party. The best way to start planning is by choosing one of the many corporate holiday party themes that are at your fingertips! Once you get that done, everything else will be a breeze! See below to help choose your theme as well as how you can best execute it to make your holiday party planning a breeze… or should we say flurry?

What are corporate holiday party themes?

Before we go through our list let’s define what we’re talking about. A corporate holiday party theme is a general topic to umbrella over all of your choices for your office or team party for the holidays. To create a strong, solid event it’s helpful to choose a theme. It’s like your thesis statement for your party. You decide on this first part, and all of your decisions will fall under this general idea. From activities to decor, your theme will help you figure out what to schedule, buy, and gift!

Edible Architecture Bonanza!


Edible architecture is a craze that hit the internet a couple years ago. Why not make it your choice out of our corporate holiday party themes? It’s hands on and your team can be fed as they create! Extra bonus: they get to take their creations home and share them with their families! 

Food: Well it’s clear they’ll be munching on the makings of their gingerbread houses and charcuterie chalets, but it would be wise to provide more than just that. We think it’s a fun idea to reflect these two activities with the food you provide. Charcuterie platters for our charcuterie chalets and a cookie and sweets tray for our gingerbread houses. If someone is extra creative they can incorporate those with their own creations!

Decor: We think it would be super cute to use gingerbread house themed decorations for this theme. Try to make your event site look like its own edible architecture!

Activity: To get the cliché out of the way – you’ll buy some gingerbread house kits (you can literally find them at any store during the holiday season). And, we have an amazing charcuterie chalet kit you can get delivered so you don’t have to create the savory kits on your own. Bing bang boom – you’re done! You can also add popcorn stringing to the list if you want a little bit more to offer. They’re great for decorating a house or even outdoors since they’re biodegradable.

Comfortable, Cozy, and Cushy


Make this work holiday party as cozy as possible! Have everyone dress in their favorite holiday pajamas and bring a favorite throw or blanket to work that day (or even go all in and get a bunch of snuggies to hand out to the team!). When the party starts, 

Food: A hot cocoa buffet bar with a variety of toppings would be absolutely iconic for this theme and could be the centerpiece for your edibles. Bring out the hot toddy’s, eggnog, and hot cider too. You can combine warm and cozy foods like a baked potato and chili bar with other classic comfort foods like cornbread, sandwiches, and brownies.

Decor: Cozy this party up! Whether you’re hosting in your office or off site cover the place with fake furs, boas, pillows, and throw blankets. Make it a winter wonderland of which Bed Bath & Beyond would be jealous!

Activities: Obviously an ugly holiday sweater competition is in need for our cozy theme. Have everyone get their hands on the ugliest holiday sweater they can find and show it off with pizzazz! Create a small team of judges – we suggest seeing if people want to volunteer. There’s usually a couple people that don’t like to be in the spotlight! Prizes can include cozy themed gifts like coffee mugs, hot cocoa kits, blankies, etc.

A Healthful Start to the New Year


Why not try the most health forward of our corporate holiday party themes? We love this idea because one, it’s pretty unique, and two, it helps promote wellness within your group. Who doesn’t love that?!

Food: This theme’s food plan will be fairly straight forward – just make healthy choices! Crudites platter for the win! If you’re doing a meal you could do a vegan buffet or cater from one of your favorite health conscious restaurants. Alcoholic beverages are optional, however, we suggest choosing healthier options like hard kombucha, low ABV drinks, and non alcoholic options.

Decor: Keep it streamlined and simple. An excessive styling does not keep in theme with the idea of health! Maybe try focusing on the natural rather than the synthetic. Wreaths and garlands using real or fake plants would be perfect. Things that look like stars for your glitz would be great too.

Activity: This is a great time to show yourself, and your team, how much fun healthy activities can be. One exciting idea is to sign up for an expert water sommelier led water tasting experience. Sounds strange right? But it is actually spectacular! Take the approach of a wine tasting with different waters from all over the world with your team and see how special water can actually be. 

Give Back with a Philanthropic Party


Giving back to the community is what the holidays are all about! Choose the most thoughtful of our corporate holiday themes and give back to your community. This is a great way to team build while helping your neighbors.

Food: No need to theme out the food for this type of event. Food and beverages will likely be determined by where you might go to volunteer. You can always have a small before or after party with beverages and snacks to cushion your volunteer activity.

Decor: Have your office lined with posters or displays for different local charities to inspire your team to give back all season long! You can also include decor related to a specific charity you’re going to focus on.

Activities: For this theme, the activity is the most important part. First, set up a group visit to your local food bank or pet shelter to volunteer. Go online and look up your local bank or shelter because each one will have a different system and set up for a corporate visit. You can also do a food drive beforehand to make it a week of giving back. Another great idea is to set up a silent auction and give all the proceeds to a local charity. Or all of the above!

Game, Set, Match


Make your holiday party themed on competitive games and activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun! This is especially great for a rambunctious team that can be congenial and have fun as they fight for the win! 

Food: Who doesn’t like superbowl party food? You can theme your food off of typical snacks eaten at sporting events. Nachos, wings, pizza, beer, and soda! Let your belly ring free and indulge for this holiday event!

Decor: Sporting related decorations would be perfect for this theme. This will also be dictated by where you host your event. Bonus points for creating sports memorabilia with your company logo and name. EXTRA bonus points if you make a “team” sweatshirt or shirt for your colleagues to wear or take home.

Activities: We love the idea of setting up a series of relay races or a mini olympics for this type of party. You can find a local gymnasium, park, or event space that hosts such a thing. If you need to host in your office – no problem! You can easily set up a DIY scavenger hunt to keep the competitive flare going.

Merry Movie Mania!


Have a movie fest with your team at your office, at an off site theater location, or virtually. This is a great option if you want flexibility when it comes to your event location. If you choose to host some or all teammates virtually, you can send them gift boxes with some of the food and decor discussed below.

Food: Really anything goes here. But we think champagne, sparkling apple cider, and bite sized hors d’oeuvres are perfect for this. Maybe you can get cupcakes or cookies with film reels or another movie motif as the design to seal the deal.

Decor: Glitz and glam of Hollywood decor is encouraged! Streamers, gold, film reel motifs, and cameras are essential. Imagine it as your own little private Oscars party. And, don’t forget to throw in some twinkle lights for a festive flare!

Activities: Holiday movie marathon and trivia baby! First, set up a screening of a marathon of some favorite holiday movies. You can even set up a poll beforehand to get input from the team. Some of our favorites are Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins, The Grinch, and Elf – we think these screenings are best suited to festive comedies to keep it fun and light hearted. In between each movie you can hold a trivia contest that focuses on holiday factoids and movie trivia. Winner gets a prize! Either host the event at your office (and set up a screening area), get a watch party set up for those joining at home, and/or pick a local theater to rent out for the day.

There you have it! Those are our top corporate holiday party themes for 2022. We hope you found a theme that inspires you to treat your team to a holiday party they won’t forget!