Not-So-Obvious Tips for Planning More Inclusive Team Building Events

April 17, 2024

Inclusivity rocks. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to pull off an event that hits your budget requirements, navigates tricky logistics, AND makes everyone feel included. Unless, of course, you’re an event organizing legend (like you). 🦸 But even heroes need a helping hand from time to time, so here are a few of my favorite tips for planning more inclusive team building events (from over 13 years of building awesome experiences). 

1. Choose inclusive activities 

Ok ok, so this first one might be just a teensy bit obvious. But it’s so crucial that I felt the need to include it. Choose team building activities that are accessible and inclusive for all guests. Period. Consider things like walking/mobility aspects, timing that doesn’t conflict with family or religious obligations, and topics like food or nature that have a universal appeal and bring people together.

➡️ Check out our inclusive team building events! We accommodate all (yes, all!) dietary, allergy, and non-alcoholic requests.

2. Set up an inclusivity task force

Slap “task force” onto anything and I’m automatically in. Doing the Dishes Task Force. Yes! Waiting in Line Task Force. Where do I sign up? Watching Paint Dry Task Force. Umm, not convinced, but I’d like to learn more. In all seriousness, inviting employees to a team where they can collaborate on how to promote better inclusivity in events and the workplace overall can be hugely effective and valuable. 

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3. Incorporate storytelling 📖

We’re big on stories, and for good reason. Sharing personal stories that highlight cultural heritage, identity, or life experiences can help build empathy and strengthen connections on your team. 

➡️ Need some help to get the stories rolling? Here are some of our tried and true team building icebreakers about food.

4. Build in team feedback

You may think that your team building event is 110% inclusive, but that may not be how everyone attending feels. By creating an easy way for your team to provide feedback, you can learn from shortcomings and improve future events. Use Google Forms or a good old fashioned suggestion box. 🤓 

Now I’d love to hear from you! How do you promote inclusion in your teams? Send us an email with your recs and we’ll include them here (credited to you, of course). 

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P.S. Hungry for a bit more? 😋 I was recently interview for Authority Magazine’s piece on how to create a workplace culture where people feel safe to be authentic.