The One Thing You Can Do To Ensure A Memorable Virtual Conference

July 29, 2020

Planning out sessions, finding the right platform, choosing the speakers. If you’re throwing a virtual conference, you’ve probably got a lot on your to-do list. And at the top of this list is making sure the conference is something people want to come back to year after year! It might be your first time planning a virtual conference, or you might have done it a few times before. No matter your status, there’s one thing you can do to ensure a memorable virtual conference: 

Start it out with a strong kickoff event!

The challenge with virtual conferences is that you have to make it feel just as valuable and special as a traditional in-person event. You want to give your attendees something to remember. They are used to going to conferences and hearing from speakers and attending great sessions, of course. It’s no doubt that specific pieces of the conference will be memorable.

However, if you want to give your attendees something that really makes an impression, a well-planned, professional kickoff event like a mixology class will get everyone excited. 

Why kickoff your virtual conference with a cocktail?

Well, the first reason is to make a toast! Welcome your guests with style and get started on an exciting note.

Secondly, guests are guaranteed to walk away from the conference with new knowledge and skills. Our virtual mixology experiences are hosted by world-class bartenders who have won global cocktail competitions and are leaders in their craft. We don’t just make cocktails, but focus on flavor balance and mixology skills.

Lastly, a virtual mixology event exposes your brand in a very unique way. With customized invites, registration pages, logo display, and custom-colored cocktails, the experience will fit seamlessly into your virtual conference. You can also upgrade to custom-branded ingredient boxes sent to each guests’ home. A great way to bridge the virtual/in-person gap. 

Planning a memorable virtual conference doesn’t have to be scary. With the right tools and plans in place, your event will be successful and attendees will be excited for next year. 

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