5 Reasons to Sign Up for Virtual Cooking Classes

April 10, 2020

Due to coronavirus restrictions, we’re seeing a huge increase in digital experiences. Everything from virtual tarot card readings to digital Irish dance lessons! But some of the most useful and approachable online experiences are virtual cooking classes. Virtual cooking classes range from beginner to expert level, with price points for everyone, spanning every culinary genre imaginable. Here are five reasons to book your class today

1. Learn A New Skill 

It’s easy to get stuck in a mundane routine during this stay-at-home time. But with a bit of motivation, it’s also an excellent time to learn something new. This extra time on our hands can mean trying a new recipe, working on your knife skills, or discovering the history of your favorite dish. And virtual cooking classes are the perfect way to do all three! 

2. Connect with Others 

Whether you’re booking a private experience for you and your friends or joining a public tour with strangers from across the county, virtual cooking classes are an ideal way to stay connected. Not only do you get to connect with an expert chef, but you also get the opportunity to chat with friends, family, and meet others from all different walks of life. In a way, our video screens are small portals that allow us a glimpse into others’ lives. 

3. Support Local Chefs 

The COVID-19 impact on the bar and restaurant industry has put millions of people out of work, including chefs from across the country. Many virtual cooking classes, including Avital’s Virtual  Chefinars, feature these out-of-work chefs and restaurateurs. These new virtual experiences allow them to share their passion with the community while getting them back to making a paycheck! 

4. Eat Delicious Food 

If you’re just beginning in the kitchen or you’re an old pro, virtual cooking classes allow all skill levels to make something delicious. Expert chefs walk you through every step of the way. Got an eggshell in your batter? No problem, the chef has a solution for you in real time! As you take that first bite of the dish you created, you’ll feel proud, satisfied, and ready to book another class! 

5. Have Fun!

What’s more fun than sharing a meal with friends and family? Although we can’t gather around a physical table right now, virtual cooking classes still allow us to connect with one another, take a break from the news, and just enjoy the moment. We all deserve a little fun right now. 

Book Your Virtual Cooking Class Today!