How To Host a Virtual Holiday Party Everyone Will Love

October 2, 2020

Need help planning a virtual holiday party but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a list of six easy steps to help you host a virtual holiday party that everyone will love. Read on for your guide: 

Step 1: Send out personalized invitations

Don’t skimp on classic details just because the party is virtual. Invitations are a great way to add a personalized touch to your virtual holiday party. You can send out physical invitations to take it a step further or send a digital invitation. Whatever you choose, it’s a step to show guests their attendance is important and makes the holiday party feel special.

Step 2: Ask guests to prepare decorations 

Get your guests to decorate wherever they are sitting for the party. You can send out boxes of decorations before the party to make it easier, host a competition to see who can get the most festive, or send around virtual backgrounds to keep it simple. Decorations make the party feel festive, and a virtual holiday party is no different! 

Step 3: Make a holiday playlist

The holidays only come around once a year, so the holiday music is key! Nothing adds more cheer like some Christmas tunes. Use one of the many playlists out there or create a collaborative playlist with everyone’s favorite songs. Buddy the Elf said it best: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” (But feel free to use the mute button as needed…just in case.)

Step 4: Plan some games like Secret Santa or holiday-themed Bingo

If you’re worried about keeping your guests entertained during your virtual holiday party, plan some games. You can still pull off Secret Santa or White Elephant, for example. Just have gifts sent directly to everyone’s home addresses and ask them to wait to open until the day of the party. Other games like bingo, charades, or Pictionary are classics. 

Step 5: Remember to take photos! 

Don’t forget to record your memories! Capture photos throughout the event and send out an album afterward as a memento. Just because we’re not in-person doesn’t mean you don’t have to take any pictures! And everyone can reminisce on the virtual holiday party of 2020 for years to come. 

Step 6: Book a professional chef or mixologist to take care of the food! 

Ok, we did say decorations make the party (which is true), but everyone remembers the food. Since you won’t be gathering in person, one way to ensure everyone is sipping on something delicious or enjoying a tasty meal is by hiring professionals to lead your party. Award-winning chefs and mixologists can guide you and your guests step-by-step in making a home-cooked meal or craft cocktail. 

Need help planning an unforgettable virtual holiday party? Book a progressive holiday party hosted by professionals, with every last detail from the menu, games, and more, planned just for you.

What’s a Progressive Holiday Party?