Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events in San Francisco

July 27, 2021

Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events in San Francisco (Fall 2021)

Welcome to the age of the hybrid workforce, where a fraction of the team continues to work from home while the others go into an office! Many of us will be glad to head back in. It means being able to socialize with your favorite co-worker, change up the scenery, and even put on a pair of real pants (with a zipper!).

Then there’s the rest of the group who is more than happy to continue working from home. They’ve set up their office, they like being there to grab their 500th Amazon delivery of the week, and they don’t need to wear real pants.

However, with the introduction of this new work environment comes the additional task of learning how to include both mediums into your events. So, we wanted to break down this novel style and highlight a few hybrid events in San Francisco that we love! 

What Is a Hybrid Event?

Remember going to an in-person, onsite event? And then remember when every single experience went virtual? Well, a hybrid event is a combination of an in-person and online experience. And, honestly, the definition of hybrid events can vary from group to group. For some groups, a “hybrid event” could mean the entire team is together in the office, but you’re gathered in the conference room, making a cocktail with a virtual bartender. For other groups, maybe there’s a panel of in-person speakers, but guests are all viewing the presentation virtually.

The options for hybrid events in San Francisco are truly endless! So, to put it simply, a hybrid event is any event that merges in-person and virtual elements.

Why Should You Care About Hybrid Events?

Oh, where do we begin! Simply put, it’s the way of the future. Hybrid events are going to be the way every company will be operating so we suggest you get comfortable. 

There are so many benefits and advantages to hosting hybrid events, here are just a few:

  • Let’s start with the obvious: you will reach a far greater number people with a hybrid event! People who had restrictions due to travel or accessibility will now have another option as a means to participate. This goes for presenters, speakers, and participants!
  • Second, hybrid events bring some serious potential for higher engagement. Think about it! A portion of your audience is participating entirely from their laptop or phone. There’s the opportunity for polls, questions, and instant feedback. Not to mention, it’s a chance for you and your team to network and “rub shoulders with” people you may not have otherwise met. Win, win!
  • Third, think of all the marketing materials you’ll get out of a recorded event! Replay the event for those who missed it, use clips as paid ad content, or transcribe your recording and post articles about it on your website. You’re welcome!
  • And finally, we cannot mention all these advantages without addressing one big one – the environmental impact. For starters, a person who might have otherwise traveled to the event can now attend virtually and therefore lower their personal carbon footprint. And those extra paper cups you were going to get? Don’t need them. That added catering that was probably going to go to waste? Fuggedaboutit!

List of Hybrid Events in San Francisco We Love

Hybrid events in San Francisco are all the rage and they are here to stay! We thought we’d help you out and hand you a list of a few hybrid events that you and your team can enjoy.

Take a dance class!

Plenty of studios are offering hybrid classes. Find your closest dance studio, tie up those jazz shoes that we know you have lying in the back of your closet, and sign up for a dance class. Best part? If you’ve never taken a class, you sign up virtually and you can dance to your heart’s content without feeling embarrassed about your team watching.

Do you want to go to an improv show? Yes, and….

See what we did there? Grab your popcorn, your wine, and buckle up. It’s time for an improv show! Every week, starting in September, BATS will be bringing their improv magic into your homes. You can click to find the name of the show you’d like to see and where you’ll be able to donate. So go watch some improvised fun for a guaranteed laugh!

flavor tripping is fun hybrid events in san francisco
Take a trip with your tongue!

Flavor tripping is all about temporarily altering your tastebuds to experience flavor in a whole new way! We use a miracle berry to coat the tongue, causing previously sour foods, like lemon and kombucha, to taste deliciously sweet. The hybrid model means we can ship this team building experience to your office, to team members’ homes, or both! An inclusive (and ridiculously fun) experience for all team types.

Let’s hang out in person or virtually or both!

We are not picky – we just want to hang out with you and show you a fun time! We’ve started offering hybrid events. Whether your team is working from the office, globally distributed, or anything in between, our hybrid events will bring your team together for a live experience with inclusive kits delivered to all. Click here and find the hybrid event that’s right for your team!

All this to say, it doesn’t matter where you’re joining from, hybrid events in San Francisco are here to stay!

Before we leave you, here’s a hot tip: if you’re looking to broaden your horizons, take a look at events happening around the country. Now that the world is at your fingertips, you may find yourself at an event you always wanted to go to!   

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