The Easiest Way to Host a Virtual Conference

July 21, 2020

Planning a conference is a huge undertaking. But turning it into a virtual conference is a whole different animal. There are lots of new elements to consider, like virtual spaces, extra technology, and perhaps the most important of all: Making it feel like a traditional conference. While we can’t guarantee that there won’t be a few hiccups along the way, one thing we know about hosting a virtual conference is that it isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. Our big secret for hosting a virtual conference and making your life way easier? Hire a team of experts. 

A team of experts will not only give your virtual conference a more professional feel, but you’ll also have some extra help to fall back on. From platforms to entertainment, many companies have gone virtual, so all your needs are covered. 


Create a virtual conference hall with Vfairs, a company that builds interactive virtual conference spaces and includes tools like polls, audio/video/text chat, and webinars. The environment is very immersive and transports you straight to a convention center. The spaces look just like the convention center you use every year for your event, all from the comfort of home.

If you want to focus more on live streaming, MIGStreams is another good option with over 20 years of technical experience.

virtual setting for virtual conference
Image via Vfairs

Funny Business Agency 

Some of the best conferences have great happy hours, networking events, performances, and more. You don’t need to eliminate this just because your conference has gone virtual. Funny Business Agency can help you hire entertainers that will wow your guests over video. You can book magicians, music, comedians, and emcees. All to add unforgettable flair your virtual conference deserves.

musician performing for virtual conference

Avital Events 

Just as we mentioned, a great conference usually has an awesome happy hour. With a mixology expert, you can kick off your event with a drink and a toast to build excitement. There’s also the option to host a happy hour as one of the evening’s activities. We can help you host a virtual mixology class or kickoff that has the spirit of a real happy hour. All with the professional look of a big event.

happy hour to kickoff virtual conference


If you don’t have a design team in-house, head to Fiverr to hire graphic designers, virtual assistants, copywriters, and whatever design help you might need. You’ll find samples of work and reviews to help you make the right hiring decisions.

hire designer for virtual conference


You won’t need to provide food for your virtual conference, but it’s still a nice way to show your attendees some appreciation. SnackMagic can send customized boxes of snacks to more than 5,000 people, keeping your attendees fueled during the day.

snack box for virtual conference

Hosting a successful virtual event can feel intimidating–it’s a new world for all of us. But by using resources and relying on a team of experts, a fun, successful virtual event is only a few clicks away