The Best 25th Birthday Party Ideas In San Francisco

December 15, 2018

You’ve reached a quarter century; it’s time to celebrate. Here are the best 25th birthday party ideas in San Francisco so you can plan your perfect party.

A Trampoline Dodgeball Game

try something new with trampolines as a best 25th birthday party idea in san francisco

Just because you’re 25 doesn’t mean you can’t act 5 sometimes.  At House of Air, you can jump your heart out along with your birthday crew on dozens of giant trampolines. And if you really want to get competitive, divide your guests into two teams for an extreme game of trampoline dodgeball. It’s exhausting and you’re going to want a snack and a beer afterward, so plan the rest of your day accordingly. House of Air is right by Crissy Field, so pack some snacks for after the game so everyone can relax with refreshments.

A Full Day Wine Tasting Extravaganza

going wine tasting in napa is a 25th birthday party idea for you

Drinking on your 21st birthday is much different than the celebration you should have for your 25th. Of course, you can drive up to Sonoma or Napa anytime, but on your birthday make it a real celebration. There are tons of companies that can coordinate limos or party busses up north and plan your entire day from vineyard to vineyard. Stock your car with snacks and plan a big dinner to end a day of drinking. (And enjoy the fact that hangovers get worse after 25, so enjoy this wine time now, especially.)

An Experience To Eat Around Town

book a food tour for a best 25th birthday party ideas in san francisco

Let someone else (us!) do all the planning and spend the day eating and drinking around San Francisco. A local guide will plan and lead the experience in North Beach, Mission District, or Tendernob. You’ll learn the stories of each dish and neighborhood, and meet the people behind some of SF’s best restaurants. Or, skip the food and go straight for a cocktail tour in a Union Square boozy birthday celebration.

A Park Party

a picnic in Dolores Park - The Best 25th Birthday Party Ideas In San Francisco

Sometimes you want to throw on a party on the cheap. We get it. San Francisco is filled with parks to spend the afternoons after boozy brunches, but you can be more intentional and throw a great party in the park. From Golden Gate Park to Dolores Park there are different. Make it a picnic potluck and ask everyone to bring something. Feeling lazy? You can even get your favorite restaurant food delivered to a park. The parks websites list events for each park so you can even plan your party around a certain festival or event, like the Hunky Jesus contest.

A Morning Dance Party And Brunchbest 25th birthday party ideas in san francisco is a morning dance party

Here’s an idea none of your other friends are doing: bring everyone to a dance the morning. Daybreaker hosts parties in clubs, on boats, in malls, or whatever other venues they rent out for a 7:30 am dance party with yoga beforehand.  You and your birthday squad can start the day early in costume. (Each month is themed.) Of course, you should all play hooky the rest of the day as a reward for your early start and go out to a birthday breakfast afterward.

Interested in booking a private food tour as one of the best 25th birthday party ideas in San Francisco? We can plan an event for you in North Beach, Mission District, Tendernob, and more.