8 Luxury 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

July 8, 2021

A milestone birthday deserves a milestone gift. Lean into luxury 30th birthday gifts for her to make her special day extra memorable. Because if she’s heading into another decade, she deserves a gift that lasts! Luxury gifts really elevate a birthday, and will make anyone feel special. From amazing experiences to unique finds, here’s our list of luxury 30th birthday gift ideas for her that are sure to please.

1. Macarons from Paris

Nothing says luxury more than macarons from one of the most well-know spots in Paris: Laduree. Send her some of the best French macarons for her 30th birthday that will surely have her saying merci. Macarons are dainty, delicious, and classy. If you want to up the luxury, send along a bottle of champagne. Champagne and macarons are truly some of the ultimate 30th birthday gifts for her that takes little effort on your part, but taste like luxury.

2. A private food tour

A private tour is always luxurious because of the VIP treatment and attention you receive, and when it’s a private food tour that means the food will be just as luxurious. Just like macarons from Paris, a private food tour is great for the foodie in your life (but a step up, to be sure). Book a culinary experience for your food lover to take them on a progressive meal throughout one of New York’s coolest neighborhoods. You’ll enjoy restaurants with great stories, Michelin Bib Gourmand status, and might even get a chance to speak with the chef. Add a cocktail pairing or some hands-on activities and you’ve got yourself an afternoon of luxury.

3. An engraved silk robe

Anything silk has big “treat yourself” vibes. A silk robe is definitely one of those 30th birthday gift ideas for her that will ease her into her thirties. We like a silk robe because is there anything more luxury than lounging around? We think not. Engrave their initials on the robe and up the elegance. Other great silk gift ideas include pillows, sheets, a slip dress, scarf, or hair wrap. We could go on, but you get the ideaβ€” silk = luxury.

4. Personal shopping consultation

Why have your special someone pick out their own clothes when someone else could do it? Celebrate her inner fashionista with a personal shopping consultation. You can either work with a local expert, or gift them a consultation with an online service. Nordstrom Trunk Club is great for access to designers, trendy fashion, and convenience. Shopping spree screams birthday, and a consultation with a personal shopper will surely make her feel like a star.

5. Perfume class

You could give her a bottle of perfume (not a bad gift idea at all), or you could gift her a perfume making class. With this, she’ll have the opportunity to make a custom scent for her 30th birthday, as well as learning a new skill. The ingredients you work with to make perfume are truly luxurious, and there’s something romantic about making your own perfume. There are plenty of classes that you can find online with the kit sent to her door or attend in person. Pick the one best suited for her and give her a gift she can bottle up and remember for a lifetime.

6. Appointment at top salon

Our favorite 30th birthday gift ideas for her are not just gifts, but experiences. Even if she has a favorite salon, why not treat her to a trip with an expert hair stylist at a top salon where luxury is part of the whole experience? Similar to a spa day, a trip to a top hair salon means top treatment, high quality products, and leaving with one of the best hair cuts. Make sure the salon serves a glass of champagne for the birthday girl!

7. Hire a birthday chauffeur for a wine tour

Don’t let your special someone drive themselves or have to worry about getting places! A birthday chauffeur is what she needs to take her to restaurants, shopping, bars, and more. And we say chauffeur, we mean spring for the limoβ€” it’s 30 after all. Invite your friends to pitch in for a luxurious birthday ride around your home city or a wine tour! Being driven to some delightful vineyards is a perfect 30th birthday plan. Don’t forget the birthday playlist! Bring out her inner celebrity with a driver for the day.

Image via Theragun

8. High tech massage tool

Massages are one of those gifts that are inherently luxurious, but they don’t necessarily last. It is a one time event! A high tech massage tool is basically a daily massage without the fuss of transportation! And we don’t mean your standard neck massager. For a real luxurious treat, check out one of these options that will make muscle soreness melt away.

Luxury 30th birthday gift ideas for her don’t have to break the bank or mean you need to find the most unique experience. You can find a bit of luxury for her 30th birthday gift in more places than you can think! Whether you choose one of our gift ideas or get inspired by this list, no matter what she will feel extra special.