Infographic: How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour That People Will Actually Want to Attend

July 16, 2020

Break out the drinks, open up the laptop, and get ready to host a fun virtual happy hour! You and your friends, family, or clients have probably all gotten used to the virtual happy hour by now. But now it’s time to break up the routine. Here’s an infographic to help you host a virtual happy hour that people will actually want to attend. 

virtual happy hour infographic

Keep it short (with the option to keep the party going)

When scheduling your virtual happy hour, don’t make the event too long, especially if you’re entertaining clients. Although people are spending more time at home, this also means they are likely spending more time in front of the computer. Schedule your virtual happy hour for an hour or an hour and a half at most. However, the option to keep the party going is a nice feature. Just pay attention to the vibe of the happy hour and give people the option to go. People will want to come back if they don’t feel pressured to go or stay! 

Play a different game every time you host 

It’s easy to fall back on playing Jackbox or doing trivia every time you do a virtual happy hour. But the same old games won’t keep your guests coming back. Try out new games and even apps as often as possible. It will keep your virtual happy hour feeling fresh. Apps like House Party also offer a fun way to get together with friends on your phone, instead of staring at a laptop some more. 

Learn something new together 

If you’re thinking about how to host a virtual happy hour, then one of the best ways to do so is by making it feel special. Learning something new together can solve that problem. There are lots of virtual classes to book, from short story readings, art lessons, to discussions around racial equality. Find something your group will enjoy, and book it! 

Hire a bartender! 

Of course, you can’t send a bartender to everyone’s home, but you can make a virtual happy hour more exciting with one! Hire an experienced bartender to teach you how to make delicious cocktails. Learn about the cocktail ratios and flavor balance so when the class is over you’re equipped to make more. A virtual mixology experience gives your happy hour the feeling of going to a bar, but with extra attention from the bartender and a lot less noise. And to make it even easier, you can opt to have all the cocktail ingredients for your mixology class shipped to your door.