7 Incredible San Francisco Culinary Tours in 2024

November 15, 2022

Are you looking for San Francisco culinary tours and don’t know where to start or who to trust? We got you covered! Look below to see our curated list of top notch San Francisco culinary tours to whet your appetite and love for this gorgeous city!

What are San Francisco culinary tours?

First things first, what are San Francisco culinary tours? Well, a food tour is a type of tour where the focus is food and drink. Usually a culinary tour in San Francisco is focused on a particular neighborhood or type of food, but it really depends on which experience you sign up for. We find that these types of tours are perfect for people that love food and really want to get to know a city – getting to know a culture through its food is one of the fastest (and tastiest) ways to do so.

Check out our hand selected list of San Francisco culinary tours below – we’re pretty sure you’re going to find something you’re excited about.


Over the Bay to Sausalito

This tour takes place right outside of San Francisco in Sausalito. Best part about Sausalito? You can take a ferry to it from the iconic Ferry Building in SF! Once you’re there, you’ll be led on a culinary tour for three and a half hours with four courses and wine or coffee at the end. For this experience, guides are usually either food or drink professionals and provide a fun and vibrant ambience for your day. This bayside village has a lot to offer and we think this would be a fantastic day trip to get out of the city.

Cost: $149 ($198 with drink pairing)

Where to sign up: Click here to sign up for this tour.


Hey Mambo! North Beach Experience

San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood holds the history of the wild wild west via the California Gold Rush, and one of the most iconic Little Italy’s in America. Settle into the scene as you hear Italian accented waiters and learn about the raucous history of the Barbary Coast. From sampling cocktails from the prohibition era to eating pizza from the oldest pizza oven on the west coast – you will soak up the history and flavors of this famous neighborhood by the bay. An Avital Tours progressive meal will take you to four different spots for two appetizers, an entree, and a dessert.

Cost: $99 per person ($125 with drink pairing upgrade) 

Where to sign up: Check out this Italian centric tour!


Explore the Ferry Building and Alcatraz in One Tour

Two historical landmarks in one tour – oh boy! Start your day at the Ferry Building where you’ll be guided through the chaos by a veteran guide for 90 minutes. Here, you’ll learn about the history of the ferry building and eat bites from the artisanal eateries selling their goods within. After a break to digest all the food you tried, you’ll go to the ferry that takes you to Alcatraz. Alcatraz is the most famous prison in the world, no longer in use, and has held some very famous criminals. Once you’re there you can tour around and learn about “The Rock” and its stories.

Cost: $172 per person 

Where to sign up: Click here to sign up for this tour.


Where Old Meets New: Mission District Experience

Visit four delicious and diverse restaurants in one afternoon! The Avital Tours Mission District Progressive Tour takes you to four different restaurants in just one afternoon. From mouth watering tacos to southwestern queso to artisanal and creative ice creams – this tour will show you and your group all there is to take in at the Mission District! In between each dining establishment you’ll learn more about the neighborhood, history, and culture. The trendy and hip Mission District offers an eclectic mix of old school local restaurants and newer, more modern spots to make it an eclectic experience.

Cost: $99 per person (unless you choose to upgrade your experience with drink pairings)

Where to sign up: Check out the Mission Food Experience!


Self-Led Tour in Golden Gate Park

There are a lot of food tours you can sign up for where a guide will show you around to particular places on a schedule. Why not try creating your own crawling food tour that you can control and enjoy as you please? Bonus, it’s free this way! You just pay for the food you eat. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is HUMONGOUS and boasts many eateries for you to explore. And, most of the time it’s littered with food trucks to try as well. One of our favorites: we heartily suggest going to the Japanese Tea Garden and getting some traditional Japanese snacks while you enjoy the garden!

Cost: Free other than the food you buy!

Where to sign up: Click here to view all of the permanent eateries in Golden Gate Park


Chef Led Food Tour in the Richmond

While not as famous as other neighborhoods in San Francisco, the Richmond district houses some amazing restaurants, history, and culture. Get to know this lesser known neighborhood and the food treasures it holds! Take this tour led by a professional chef to get the real deets on the best stuff to eat in the area. Plus, the Richmond saddles right up against Golden Gate Park so you can really make a full day of it!

Cost: Starting at $810.67 for a group of 8

Where to sign up: Click here to sign up for this tour.


Japantown Tour

Are you looking for a tour that focuses on a specific cuisine? What about an iconic, compact neighborhood with specialty grocers, shops, and picture worthy sights? We’ve got it for you! Japantown is in the Western Addition of San Francisco and has a great culinary tour that will show you around.

From tour site: 

The adventure begins when you meet your friendly, local food Guide at the heart of this historic neighborhood. You will then be escorted to the ethnic markets, mom and pop shops and hidden gems that many locals don’t even know about!  As you learn about the colorful past and history of Japantown, you will stop at six to seven eateries to sample mouth-watering morsels featuring specialty ingredients unique to Japanese cooking. From sweet potato lattes to okonomiyaki (Japanese frittata), a sweet and savory mochi from one of Japantown’s first businesses to authentic Masala dosa with chutney, you will be sure to leave wanting more.

Cost: $125 per person

Where to sign up: Click here to learn more about this tour. 

There you have it! That is our curated list of San Francisco culinary tours that we vetted to make sure you have the best time possible. Now get out there and get eating!