How to Wine & Dine Online: Your Quick Guide to Entertaining Clients Virtually

July 14, 2020

Entertaining clients virtually may feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to wine and dine in the virtual world like a pro with our quick guide full of tips. 

Step 1: Make it feel special. 

One of the most important tips for entertaining clients virtually is making sure your time together feels special and more than just another video chat. You’ll want to dress up a little more than usual, or similar to how you would dress if you were meeting in person. If your event has a specific theme, putting a little extra effort into your costume helps show you care and interest in the event. You can even send out a special background for clients to use during the event. Or ask them to use a background of their choosing. It’s a great way to spark conversation and connect. 

Another great way to make events feel special is to send your clients a package beforehand. This bridges the gap between virtual and in-person. This can be anything from a surprise package that you ask clients to open together on the call or a simple self-care package as a thank you. You can also opt to send ingredient boxes as part of a virtual cooking or cocktail experience. The ingredients are sent in the right proportions, so your clients don’t have to do anything except open the box and cook and drink together. Plus, with guidance from an expert, award-winning mixologist or chef, your clients will definitely appreciate everything coming together for them so easily. 

entertaining clients virtually with special delivery

Step 2: Plan ahead

Entertaining clients virtually requires a little more advanced planning than simply making reservations at your usual spot. Search online for fun online offerings, like classes, shows, music, discussions, and more. Invite your clients to one of those virtual events for your meetup.

Planning ahead also gives you time to create a presentation to share accomplishments and create branded materials to give your event in-person elements. Most importantly, plan ahead to ensure your client has enough notice to  attend!

making reservations for entertaining clients virtually

Step 3: Follow up afterward

Always follow up and send a thank you email after entertaining clients virtually. In a time where consistent communication is so integral to maintaining relationships, sending a personalized thank you note afterward is a way to show you care. You can opt to send a digital card, a nice email, or send a memento from the event like a picture or video. Or go old school with a hand-written note via snail mail! It will help you stay top of mind. 

sending thank you note after entertaining clients virtually

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