5 Fun Party Ideas in New York City

April 7, 2018

Could you meet at a bar for drinks every time there’s reason to celebrate? Sure. But there are other ways to party plan that put a cocktail hour to shame. Here are five fun party ideas in New York City.

Bachelorette Party

bacheleorette party: Seven Fun Party Ideas in New York City

Kick off a bachelorette weekend by taking a cocktail class. (You know what they say: teach a bridal to make cocktails and you’ll give them margarita recipes for a lifetime.) Classes are available across the city from Chinatown to Soho. Take a late afternoon class so by the time you’re done the night is still young, and you’ll be warmed up for more bachelorette fun.

Goodbye Party

goodbye party: Seven Fun Party Ideas in New York City

For some goodbye parties, you want somewhere that’s not too loud so you can bid everyone adieu. For others, you want a private karaoke room so your friends can sing you ballads as a final farewell. Head to Koreatown and book a room that fits your crew and a few bottles of soju. Some karaoke spots even let you bring your own food so you can snack and serenade into the wee hours of the morning.

Office Party

office party: Seven Fun Party Ideas in New York City

What better way to celebrate a holiday or major office accomplishment than to eat and drink together? Sure, you can rent out a restaurant and have a typical celebratory dinner, or you can book a four-course progressive meal at four different NYC restaurants. Avital Tours’ culinary experiences are a great chance to explore eateries around the city with your colleagues while being led by a local culinary guide. Learn the history of the city while meeting the chefs and restaurants owners who tell the story of each neighborhood.

Birthday Party

Seven Fun Party Ideas in New York City: have a soak in a pool or hot bath

If the last time you hosted a pool party was in your parent’s suburban backyard, it’s time to start planning. Make a splash and head to the pool (or baths) for your birthday. You’ll make everyone happy: the people who just want to nap in the sun, the people who want drink a pina colada in the deep end, and the people who want to sit and read. You don’t have to head to Vegas for a birthday pool party. If your birthday is in the summer months, there are lots of rooftop pools to take over for a day of splashing around. During NYC’s colder months, stay inside and relax in some hot baths. From the Russian Turkish Baths to the hip Premier 57 to Brookyln’s Seagate Baths, there are plenty of places for you and your guests soak in the five boroughs.

Holiday Party

holiday party sunset cruise: Fun Party Ideas in New York City

Upgrade from catered dinner in the conference room and book a sunset cruise with appetizers, dinner, and drinks. Touristy? Maybe. But it’s still a lot of fun and a great way to wish your team a happy holiday. Plus if your team is New York-based, it’s likely they haven’t done a cruise around the city. Remember to book a band or DJ to set the mood and a photographer to snap pictures of the view.

Interested in booking a private food tour as one of your fun party ideas in New York City?  Visit our website to book a public or private culinary experience. We’ll help you celebrate any event.