Three Babes Bakeshop’s Emerald Plum and Raspberry Pie

October 18, 2011

Fresh, locally sourced seasonal fruit plus crispy baked-to-perfection dough makes this slice of heaven unbeatable

emerald plum and raspberry pie at Three Babes Bakeshop

The Dish: Three Babes Bakeshop, run by three babes who live and breathe the power of butter, flour and fruit, has topped the pie chart this time. Introducing a delicious slice of fresh emerald plum and raspberry pie, a perfect ratio of filling to crust. It’s lattice top is so even you could weave flowers through it and create a trellis.  Not too sweet and made with hand-picked or locally sourced fruit, this feels like your grandmother’s recipe prepared at the family’s vacation home.

With optional whipped cream on the side, what could go wrong?

Please note: Pie fillings change weekly. Check their website for the latest offerings.

Key Ingredients: Plums, Raspberries, Cinnamon, Flour, and Butter (yes, everything tastes better with a whole ‘lotta butter!)

The Place: Nestled between Stable Café and Joshua Skenes’ posh yet down to earth restaurant Saison in the Mission, this Saturday and Sunday pop-up bakeshop is located in a shipping container.  All the rage these days, order seasonal fruit pies from the babes themselves at the counter and sit in the charming outdoor unassuming patio amid weekend morning crossword puzzle fanatics and groups of friends catching up over a coffee and pie…. A great way to take advantage of the sunniest neighborhood in San Francisco!

You can also find the Babes at the Heart of the City Farmers Market in Civic Center on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Other Menu Musts:

  • If you like their pies you can’t go wrong with their Pie-in-a-Jar – aptly named for their easy compact take-home vessel.
  • For the sweet tooth, there’s the Mexican Chocolate Salty Honey Walnut Pie that tastes like a brownie-in-a-pie.

Local Insider Tips: If you want some coffee or other goodies to go with your pie, walk through Stable café’s connecting side door and add a supporting item. Their cranberry walnut scone is definitely a winner – crumbly yet super moist. You can also pop your head inside Saison to watch the afternoon food prep in the open kitchen. Think of it as three experiences in one!

The Deets:

Each slice of heaven – $5 each

Three Babes Bakeshop
Saturday and Sundays at Stable Café
2128 Folsom Street (@ 17th)