7 Dishes You Can’t Leave the Mission District Without Tasting

November 28, 2015

With the ever growing foodie scene in San Francisco, sometimes it’s hard to know which place truly has some good food. While there are many neighborhoods with great restaurants, the Mission District  is a good place to start when looking for a combination of variety and great taste. Here are 7 dishes you’ll want to try out next time you’re in the area.

Mission Cheese

If you’re ready to indulge on delicious snacks with great company and a great environment Mission Cheese is your place. They offer a vast selection of exotic cheeses and charcuterie. You also have your pick of sandwiches, salads, and great desserts. Ordering a Cheese Flight is a good way to start out.

cheese flight at Mission Cheese in San Francisco

West of Pecos

West of Pecos offers great southwestern flavor. If the longhorn skulls and gigantic rattlesnake skin aren’t enough to impress then make sure you try out their Pork Belly Breakfast Tacos.

pork belly breakfast taco dish at west of pecos

Craftsman & Wolves

If you’re in the mood for some great west coast cuisine, Craftsman & Wolves won’t disappoint. Make sure to try out their famous Rebel Within.  It’s made of a soft boiled egg inside of a bacon & cheese muffin.

egg inside a muffin at Craftsman and Wolves


Having over 350 different types of tequilas is impressive enough. However, if you’re looking for one dish that has a little bit of everything, make sure you try the Beer-and-a-shot Braised Chicken and Cod Taco Duo.

Chicken and Cod Taco dish at Tacolicious in Mission District

Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre provides you vegan food with Mexican seasoning. Their Sweet Potato Quesadilla will not disappoint.

quesadilla dish at gracias madre in mission district

Taqueria la Cumbre

Taqueria la Cumbre are the inventors of the Mission-style burrito. Their traditional Grilled Chicken Burrito is as safe a bet as any!

grilled chicken burrito dish at Taqueria la Cumbre in Mission District

Hog & Rocks

It’s already considered on of the Bay Area’s top 100 restaurants by SF Chronicle. The closest thing to a sure thing when it comes to leaving with a smile on your face is tasting their artisan cured Ham and Oyster.

ham and oyster dish at Hog & Rocks in Mission District

Still not sure which of these dishes to try out?

Luckily you don’t have to.

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