13 Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Her

June 1, 2021

We love giving birthday gifts just as much as we love receiving them! Since 50 is a milestone birthday, it deserves something extra special. Not only does this list include the best 50th birthday gifts for her, but just about anyone— we’ve made sure to include the best gifts that will make anyone turning 50 smile broken out into categories so you can find whatever suits your needs. Happy celebrating!

This list includes:

  • Last-Minute Gifts – Great gifts to pull together in a pinch
  • Experience Gifts – Birthday gifts that build memories 
  • Gifts from The Heart – Gifts with an extra special touch


Wine Subscription Service

Instead of grabbing a few bottles of wine on your way to the big 50th birthday party, try a wine subscription service. There are many options out there now from cheap to expensive, natural wine to regional delights. As a last minute gift,  subscription services in general are the gifts that literally keep on giving— you can purchase a subscription for anywhere from 3-months to a year. Because these are the best 50th birthday gifts for her, we know you’ll spring for the year service! Here’s a great list breaking down some of the best wine subscription services.

Masterclass Certificate

Treat your special someone to a class with one of their favorite celebrities, revered writers, talented artists, and more. Masterclass makes learning from pros accessible, and you can do it at your own place. We think this makes a great 50th birthday gift because of the luxury element of learning from top teachers. It might also inspire a new hobby or renew passion for an old one. And with classes like buying and selling real estate, you might also help a career shift!

Airbnb Gift Card

For some, the best 50th birthday gifts for her mean travel! And now that things are opening back up, travel is definitely on the agenda for 2021. Whether they have a trip planned or you’d just like to give them a gift for whenever, taking care of the accommodation is a big load off for excited travelers. And they might be able to treat themselves to a nicer place to stay because of your gift!

Food Tour Gift Certificates

A food tour is the perfect “planned but not planned”  gift because someone else has already decided where you’re going to eat, what you need to know, and the chefs you need to meet. A progressive meal through neighborhoods in SF, LA, or NYC give you a chance to sit down and enjoy a unique lens of the city: through some of the coolest, quirkiest or most historic restaurants. And nothing says a grand birthday celebration more than enjoying delicious food!


Virtual Happy Hour

Hire a professional mixologist to treat your 50th birthday honoree to VIP cocktail class. This is perfect if you want to invite people from all over the country to the 50th birthday party since all you have to do is open Zoom! Plus, all ingredients are delivered straight to your door. Book a private experience to keep it your group or book a public experience to make it feel like a real party in a bar!

Go For A Scenic Flight

Take 50 to new heights! A helicopter ride around the city, mountains, or some other scenic location is a magical way to spend their special day. Most places will offer these kinds of experiences, whether you’re close to your hometown or checking out a new city. The views will be undeniably beautiful, and it’s not like helicopter rides are something they do everyday. Just make sure they agree to take you on the ride!

Virtual Chefinar

Learn to cook from an award-winning chef for a unique 50th birthday gift. A professional chef will teach you and your party how to make dishes like restaurant-quality risotto or paella that will transport you directly to Spain! No sourcing ingredients either, as a handy kit is delivered prior to the culinary experience. In addition to learning how to make some top notch dishes, you’ll also get insider tips and secrets as well as building some new cooking skills.

Virtual Water Tasting

If you’re looking for quirky birthday experiences, a virtual water tasting will fit that bill. Water can be as nuanced as wine when it comes to terroir and flavor. Taste 6 different waters with a Water Sommelier and experience water like you never have before. In terms of the best 50th birthday gifts for her, we guarantee she’ll have never received a gift like this one.

Gifts from The Heart

Donation To Charity In Their Name

Donate to a cause close to your special someone’s heart for a very meaningful gift. It’s an easy, heartfelt way to show you care and celebrate your loved one turning 50.

Custom Birthday Book

This birthday book is special because it puts all The New York Times front pages from their special day in one place. It not only commemorates the day they are born, but also all the things that happened on that day. Of course, being born was the most newsworthy event, but this beautifully bound book shows a snapshot of history on this special day.

Personalized Jewelry

Give them something to wear everyday as a constant reminder of how much they are loved. There are plenty of jewelry shops that will customize jewelry for you with special engravings, but we also like Etsy to support both a small business and get the opportunity to customize your jewelry a little more. Choose birthstones, a meaningful design, the type of gem, etc. Perhaps a locket is more their style— whatever you choose, it will be the embodiment of just how much you care.

Surprise birthday visit from a loved one

It’s been a long year, and not all of us were lucky to be close to our loved ones while we were social distancing. As long as everyone is vaccinated and feels comfortable, why not organize a surprise visit from someone special? Seeing someone you haven’t had a chance to see after a year away is unforgettable. Bring the tissues because the tears are bound to flow.

The best 50th birthday gifts for her don’t have to be complicated to find or come from a fancy store! As long as it comes from the heart, you’re guarantee to please.