7 (Actually) Fun Team Building Activities in San Francisco

July 6, 2020

Although team building activities might look a little different in the virtual world, teams may still feel a little reluctant to engage in those stereotypical “forced fun” situations. But now more than ever it’s important to build relationships with your team and stay connected. The same boring team building activities won’t do the trick anymore. Keep your team engaged and break up the monotony of remote working with these 7 (actually) fun team building activities. 

Stump The Bartender 

A virtual mixology class is taken to the next level and adds in an extra element of team building with the “Stump The Bartender” game. After making a classic margarita, your team is asked to grab three creative items from their kitchen and see if the bartender can come up with a drink idea. It engages the team, while helping everyone get to know each other a little better by sharing what’s in their kitchen. What can a bartender make with some turmeric, fennel, and tequila? Find out! 

fun team building activities includes stump the bartender mixology

Play a game of virtual telephone 

Building better communication is often a goal of fun team building activities, and there’s one throwback way to doing just that— playing a game of telephone. Of course, we’re not whispering in anyone’s ears right now. Instead, have a team member go on mute, share a message, and have everyone else guess what they are trying to say. It’s bound to be silly and cause a lot of laughs. 

Organize murder mystery game 

Split up into teams, share some clues, and solve a classic case of whodunnit. There are lots of templates available to play a murder mystery game. With the help of your favorite video chat app, you can split people up into breakout groups and have them work together as a team. The team that solves the murder can take home a prize and the glory of knowing their sleuthing skills are top-notch. 

Draw something together 

Sites like Sketchpad make it easy to play a game of Pictionary, or have your team work together to draw a picture. Split into partners or groups and draw virtually while the rest of the team tries to guess what the picture is. If you’re playing during a virtual happy hour, the game will be even more fun. 

draw something together as fun team building activities

Personality assessment 

And you can also get to know each other better by getting to know yourselves! Personality assessments invite your team to learn more about themselves, and find people in the group who might be more similar to them than they thought. This can also help establish work styles and build more empathy on the team. 

Birth map 

Fun team building activities are also great when they encourage getting to know each other better. That’s why we like the game Birth Map. Share a Google Map link and have everyone mark where they were born. Go around the room and have the team talk about their birthplace, sharing what they are comfortable with. You can also change the theme to your favorite vacation spot, where you went to college, top dream destination, etc. 

birth map as virtual team building activities

Try something tasty together 

And if your team is adventurous or prefers hands-on activities, try out a virtual cooking class with a professional, award-winning chef. Make it easy by shipping ingredients right to their doors while your expert chef teaches the team how to make something new and delicious. Restaurant quality food at home has never been more accessible. 

Ready to enhance your fun team building activities? Cooking & Mixology Classes are available now.