Prepare for Your

Virtual Water Tasting Experience

Welcome! We’re so excited to host you! To ensure an awesome experience, please prepare for your Virtual Water Tasting by following the steps below. If you have any questions along the way, just ask!


Important Notes

❄️ Please refrigerate your charcuterie when your kit arrives. 

💧Water should not be refrigerated.


1: Prepare Your Bottles

Take your bottles from the Water Tasting Kit that was delivered to you.

Unwrap packaging from each bottle, but leave them closed until the experience.

The sparkling waters may arrive with a sealed, taped top. To open these bottles, we recommend using a wine key (the one with the small blade!)


2: Prepare Your Glasses

• 6 Wine Glasses: If you don’t have 6 wine glasses, any fancy glass will do!

• Fill one glass with your own tap water.

Arrange your wine glasses on a table in front of you like this.


3: Prepare Your Other Items

Have these items that are in your Water Tasting Kit out and ready to use/eat!

• Water Testing Strip

• Chocolate Bar

• Charcuterie


4: Prepare Your Platform

Please ensure you have the correct video platform, such as Zoom, downloaded for your event.

For a more interactive experience, we encourage all guests to turn their video on during the experience.

You’re All Set!

The day before your experience we’ll send the event link to your inbox.
In the meantime, check out our virtual etiquette tips or take a water break!

Arrange Your Glasses Like This


Virtual Etiquette

Prepare your space

Make sure you have a strong internet connection with little background noise if possible.

Mute yourself when not speaking

This will eliminate background noise (like cocktail shaking!) that makes it difficult for others to hear the speaker.

Be sure to come prepared

Come with ingredients and supplies ready! Set yourself up in the kitchen where you have ample counter space and access to a sink.

Please come 10 minutes early

This way we can get to know each other and start right on time!

Water Break

Amplify your experience with these extracurricular activities!

Listen to Water Sounds

Set the mood with this soothing water sounds playlist

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Once the experience is over, here are some cool ways to reuse your glass water bottles.

Water Infusions

Browse these beautiful water infusion recipes

pouring pink cocktail into glass

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